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  1. Pinkfairy

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    A yes place for my DD but with Hammond full time place to budget for might be a pass for us so if on a waiting list keep hope may be others in the same position xxx
  2. Pinkfairy

    Good Luck/Audition results 2018

    So pleased dd has been offered and accepted Hammond with Bursary πŸ’• one happy girl !
  3. Pinkfairy

    Questions about Lower School auditions

    So pleased 😁 DD has been offered and accepted Hammond with Bursary πŸ’•.
  4. Pinkfairy

    Midland Theatre Ballet - Auditions for 2017/18 Season

    My DD attends weekly and loves working with the high level teachers and spending time on her creative work ( so often advanced training can be class based / technique) she will be looking to attend again on the next project ☺️
  5. Pinkfairy

    BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Imagine they will wait for ' can not do's ' before sending any no's surely as they have asked for a early deadline ... I'm sure there will be more who don't know about fees or commitment maybe so fingers grossed for everyone x
  6. Pinkfairy

    BRB sleeping beauty dreams

    Hi all ... my first forum βœ‹οΈ Just received a letter this morning for offers thought you would all like to know xxx