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  1. I'll happily take one Alice-Faye, will send PM now.
  2. Fonty, indeed, this has been tried. In the appendix to Tim Scholl's "Sleeping Beauty: A Legend in Progress" (2004) we find an account of a 1924 Soviet attempt to rewrite the Sleeping Beauty as part of the "creation of works of revolutionary content". This ended with the monarchy overthrown and Aurora anointed as the “wonderful dawn of Universal Revolution”. They called it The Sunny Commune. It seems it was never staged.
  3. Ticket gone to the Box Office
  4. Available, a spare ticket in the Upper Slips for tomorrow Tuesday night, Bayadere. BB2, £8. I am sitting in BB1, so it will be easy to hand over the ticket.
  5. Thank you so much Fiz for pointing to this book. It has had next to no attention in the UK to date (no reviews, so far as I know) and I didn’t know about it. As someone who spends several weeks every year near Mayerling, has a collection of books on the subject and indeed is a close friend of one of the last people left alive to have seen Mary Vetsera’s remains (those who know the various theories will appreciate the importance of, for example, her skull) I was eager to get a copy as soon as you posted about it. Having now read the book I completely agree with your assessment. I urge anyone with an interest in the historical subject to ignore what has been written previously - which is anyway well summarised in the book, the authors seem to have read absolutely everything - and jump to this easy-to-read, short yet scholarly work. Probably the last word. Incidentally, although it is no great secret, I am always amused that Countess Larisch later became friends with T S Eliot. In fact she turns up in his poem The Waste Land.
  6. Ticket just returned to box office
  7. For sale one Mayerling ticket, this Saturday 13 October 7pm, front amphi seat (row C): £18. I'll be at the performance so just let me know asap if interested (this is going back to the Box Office on Thursday if no takers)
  8. Here is a catalogue entry from the NYPL showing the Sleeping Beauty films of Victor Jessen (1949 and 1950s, with Margot Fonteyn, Robert Helpmann, Michael Somes, Beryl Grey, Frederick Ashton, Brian Shaw and many others, including good footage of the classical dancing of Kenneth MacMillan): https://catalog.nypl.org/search~S1?/Xjessen+victor+beauty&searchscope=1&SORT=DZ/Xjessen+victor+beauty&searchscope=1&SORT=DZ&extended=0&SUBKEY=jessen+victor+beauty/1%2C4%2C4%2CB/frameset&FF=Xjessen+victor+beauty&searchscope=1&SORT=DZ&4%2C4%2C I understand these films were shown at the RAD and was just wondering if there are any ways of seeing them in the UK?
  9. Sebastian

    Audience Behaviour

    Here is an extract from the diary of the veteran of the London stage, the actor William Charles Macready, describing the audience at his performance of Macbeth at the Astor Place Opera House, New York, in 1849, an event which resulted in one of the worst riots in theatre history: "I went on; they would not let me speak. The roar of insults that greeted my entrance was so deafening, that the play continued in dumb show. Copper cents were thrown, some struck me, four or five eggs, a great many apples, lemons, pieces of wood, nearly, if not quite, a whole peck of potatoes. A chair was thrown on to the stage, another into the orchestra pit, which made the remaining musicians move out...I flung my whole soul into every word I uttered while all around dreadful deeds of outrage were roaring within our ears. The death of Macbeth was loudly cheered. Suddenly soldiers were brought in and began firing indiscriminately. Several people, at least twenty-two perished. And so it was with immediate haste, that I quit the New York stage".
  10. These have gone back to the box office now.
  11. As I am now not able to get to London for next weekend I am selling two great tickets for the Osipova show at Sadler's Wells for the evening performance on Saturday 15th September. The tickets are both in the front row of the first circle but they are not next to one another (happy to sell separately): A33 - £60 A2 (slightly restricted) - £25 E-tickets so easy to send. If you are interested please send me a private message as well as posting here, thank you.
  12. I for one would be interested if he has any new discoveries regarding The Sleeping Beauty.
  13. Teacher Nationale Balletacademie. Dancer Ballett der Deutschen Oper Berlin and the Dutch National Ballet (see https://www.summerschooldenhaag.com/teachers-2003-2017.html ) According to the (few) pages one can look at on Amazon, this book seems to be a work of imagination based on fact. How much historically new material Koppers has is unclear: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Conversations-Marius-Petipa-Brothers-Pavlova/dp/9090311106/
  14. Thanks everyone for clearing up the serial muddles I unintentionally introduced into this thread (all would have been clear if I had simply posted the two different links but that is probably not allowed). In any case I hope this at least provides people with some interesting viewing.