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  1. Bumping this up, just in case. Happy to reduce the price, given that it's tomorrow!
  2. Having been unable to get to any screenings of Coppelia, I am hoping to catch a repeat screening soon. However the Bolshoi website, although it promotes Coppelia, doesn't seem to list the show, not even the ones yesterday: https://www.bolshoiballetcinema.co.uk What am I doing wrong? I am sure the information is online somewhere but can't find it.
  3. Apologies, only just seen this question. They are administratively the same organisation, but despite being in the same city, different people are allocated to the two venues and the corps are separated: https://www.wiener-staatsoper.at/en/artists/ballet/
  4. Now can't use my ticket for the (nearly sold out) matinee of ENB Sleeping Beauty at the Coliseum on Saturday 16th June. I bought it ages ago as part of a package so only £14. E-ticket so easy to send. Please PM me as well as posting here.
  5. Got one now, thanks MrFiz!
  6. Yes please! I will now send you a PM.
  7. Just to add what I already posted elsewhere, the conferences continue, with one in St Petersburg in November: https://serd.hypotheses.org/1684 By the way, is anyone going to be at the one at the Bakhrushin this coming week?
  8. An update on this year's Petipa conferences. Here is the link for one to be held in November in St Petersburg: https://serd.hypotheses.org/1684
  9. Just realised I could in fact get from this Wednesday's Swan Lake & Me Insight (6 June) to the first night of ENB Sleeping Beauty at the Coliseum so if anyone has a ticket they can't use any more, I'd be very grateful for it. If you can help please send me a PM as well as posting here. Many thanks!
  10. Thanks annamk. However my problem was not one of overlooking the links: for a couple of weeks each time I made a booking I would look very carefully for the link, but not find it. So then I made the booking as if for paper tickets but then contact the box office to ask them to change it for an e-ticket. This was getting tiresome, hence posting here to find out if there was a more general problem. However my last booking was fine - the link was back - so I hope the problem has been fixed now.
  11. Might I ask if other people have had trouble getting e-tickets for Covent Garden? A couple of times recently I got to the end of the booking process but no button for choosing the e-ticket option was provided. Both times I had to contact the box office to ask them to change my order to e-tickets (which they helpfully did). Am I the only person to suffer this issue with the booking process?
  12. Most interesting. Do you happen to have any information on where this important paper is to be published? I would very much like to read it.
  13. Sebastian

    Opera glasses

    I will do a test and report back! But my antique opera glasses (which are pretty big) are as much about being decorative as functional.
  14. Sebastian

    Opera glasses

    I inherited a gorgeous pair of opera glasses from my family but have not brought them to the West End for many years, for fearing of losing or damaging them. Recently I have been relying on a "monocular" which, though it is good for some kinds of show, doesn't give everything one would like. So, having just purchased what seem to be very good and compact opera glasses (for under £7) I thought I would pass on the tip: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Compact-Roof-Prism-8x21-Foldable-Pocket-Binoculars-Birdwatching-with-Carry-Case/302608331982 Other ebay sellers seem to be offering the same product but I can only vouch for this supplier (with whom I have no connection, I should add). I tried out the different lighting conditions of yesterday's Giselle matinee and was very pleased: these glasses are a practical small size and the price seems pretty much unbeatable. The only concern I have is that the magnification is almost too strong. The focussing - I used the most helpful though not really English instructions - taught me a trick I never knew in decades of using binoculars. Hope this helps someone.