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  1. leotardmum

    Adding emotion to a solo

    is this a lyrical or contemporary piece? have to understand lyrics first before you can do choreo or put in emotions i feel i watch my daughter dance lyrical etc and lots of other 10-11 year olds in competition and when you see them 'hit' the right emotion in their face/body/hands/speed of movement its just a joy , sometimes they overact at this age and some have no idea as suspect they dont understand the song , some kids get emotional connection straight away but others have to 'learn' emotion .... an interesting topic and as a mum i find this interesting to look for in the kids age/experience and nerves can all effect 'emotion' on the day aswell watch yourself in the mirror - video yourself - ask someone non dance to listen to the track and tell u how they feel- listen to the track and verbalise how it makes you feel to someone or just dance freely to it and see how you move around ..... ask your teacher why she picked this song and what the story is ps i know nothing about choreo and solo putting together but love watching the process with my daughter as so very clever BUT i note there is always a narrative with the solo given from the teacher i find to help the kids get into it x
  2. leotardmum

    British Ballet Grand Prix 2019

    Just seen this on FB and website now up and wonder if anyone looking at this for next year? x
  3. will be 12 - year 7 when we go , never been to hong kong so looking forward to a good sightsee!
  4. We got a place for Hong Kong ! yay! we had white lodge this year and it was an amazing experience for my daughter - family trip coming up!x
  5. leotardmum

    Ballet summer schools for 2019

    afraid perth is a 4 hour flight away so not sure what goes on over there but i have heard of WAPA, Pevnev academy , western australian ballet just thro different fb posts etc or thro dancetrain magazine fb site but no idea really plus iam only at primary school age stuff not older/advanced stuff yet so prob miss a lot of info for older dancers due to what iam looking at/for on web/fb etc .... iam sure there is stuff going on and no doubt plenty of dance comps and eistedffods lol, each state has there own RAD set up and fb/website i have noted , lived there for 6 months many yrs ago before having kids-lovely place x
  6. leotardmum

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    love this thread! so much info .... yes i need to feedback info on summer schools etc over here in oz! firstly my daughter had the most amazing time at RBS white lodge spring school...desperate to now attend full time /return next yr .... it was everything she had dreamed and hoped for ! we live in brisbane now and oh my the dance world here is very well developed and set up especially for competitions... i counted 25 competitions/eisteddfods just this year that kids can do with solos etc just within a 2 hour radius of Brisbane...imagine this in UK !!!!!! this isnt including the group eisteddfods that the dance schools do aswell...... oh and the state/private schools also run dance programs and enter competitions also ..... that is for another thread iam sure....we are in our 2nd year of solo competition now ...... plus we have JMA RAD awards for brisbane region yearly .... Alana Haines in NZ ..... Asian Grand Prix ....... the list is endless it seems ..... compared to my ballet background that was strict RAD back in the 70-80s in northern england this is totally different for me as a mum! ok holiday schools and summer schools..... info i have gleamed so far ( iam in Brisbane and i may be missing stuff due to location/age of my child etc so apologies list may miss some ) Australian ballet school melbourne - non selective -just pay and go it seems in summer and i think most school holidays IBW international ballet workshops- non selective -pay and go in the big cites in summer and winter breaks approx 5 day courses- seem to fill up very fast Claudia Dean runs courses - non selective -pay and go- seem to fill up quickly Bolshoi Australia Summer Intensive in melbourne and sydney - selective via live audition or video submission only Queensland Ballet - summer schools- selective via application forms/photo Local schools run own summer schools courses of course and each city will prob have other stuff going on aswell ..... another thing going on here is youth ballet and contemporary groups that you audition for and do a yearly performance ...in brisbane alone we have Brisbane City Youth Ballet, Ballet Theatre Qld, i think now 4 contemporary groups are going now in the city ...... dance is just huge over here compared to my dancing days its crazy over here at times with what is available !!! xxxxxxx
  7. leotardmum

    Ballet West -New Lower School to open

    i have a very simple query but where does ballet west sit with Scottish ballet? affiliated? feeder school ? totally separate entities ? .....tia x
  8. leotardmum

    RBS Spring Intensive April 2018

    Just wondering if anyone has a child going to white lodge for this ? anyone has any tips wrt stuff to take.....got the list but wondering if any tips/advice to make my 10 years olds stay easier etc ....she is boarding for the week. X
  9. leotardmum

    facility for dance/flexibility screening

    excellent- thinking of formal physio assessment just to be sure all on right track before pointe shoes next year/puberty starts to really hit .... she loves dance but as a mum iam acutely aware how much the body shape and workings can make or break trying to 'make it' .... and would never want to encourage down paths that could do more harm than good ....we have a physio iam going to contact xxxxx
  10. I hear about 'facility' all the time in the ballet world and would think they are talking about body proportions/headsize/neck/feet etc just wondering if anyone has ever had direct feedback wrt their childs 'facility' in either a good or bad way ? Obv in an audition they are looking at this but also flexibility and I also wonder what are the 'standard tests they do ? is it just splits? touching toes? taking shoes off to look at arch ...just wondering about what goes on actually in order to perhaps guide my child in her approach to auditions/ flexi training and also try and have realistic expectations towards there bodies. How much stretching is done by your 10 year olds in class/out of class? How tough are they at RBS on flexibility at RBS auditions- do they do a physical assessment ? thanks x
  11. leotardmum

    Rbs spring intensive London

    My 10 year old also got a place ! Coming over from Brisbane . So unexpected to get a place but we thought why not try and so happy ! . Been over here nearly 4 years but so looking forward to seeing London again ! Xxxxxx
  12. leotardmum

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    many thanks for those numbers- a reality check ! lol so almost 5 applicants for every place ......wow ....... and just selected on a few photos......do people send letters / recommendation letters or just the form and the photos? I know they are looking for 'facility' / body type aswell as natural ability but I suppose no harm in trying ! x
  13. leotardmum

    UK ballet summer schools for 2018

    thanku! would love to come across and see family, we are from Newcastle and been here for 3.5 years now, but be perfect to tie in a summer school aswell does anyone know the stats for RBS summer school ie how many apply and how many places there are ??? this is her dream but I suspect thousands apply for a tiny number of places ...... dance here in Australia is massive I feel compared to the north east of uk x
  14. Iam over in Australia but wonder if a website/list/topic already on here exists of all summer schools offered in dance in the uk..... looking at UK summer 2018 for a 11 year old dance crazy girl So far iam aware of RBS Elmhurst Yorkshire ballet summer school do others exist which are RAD ballet focused? any tips wrt numbers applying for these would be very helpful thanku x
  15. leotardmum

    photos-what are they looking at ?

    yep thanks-will look at other threads as above, turns 10 in march x