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  1. Do you think that means there are notices at all the programme sale points? I don't go to the cafe area before performances so don't want to have to rely on that.
  2. I haven't seen it yet - looking forward to it tonight!
  3. Strange how information that's in the public domain apparently isn't known at the ROH. Or perhaps someone just thought they were unimportant roles. Who knows.
  4. I can't say I care very much about the discrimination in this case. I just care about the dishonesty. (I didn't know that 'everyone does it', but even if they do it doesn't make it right.) If social media is going to be used for advertising, it should be clear that that's what's happening. If apparently independent individuals are going to promote an organisation, they should acknowledge if they are being incentivised to do so.
  5. They can, and I would expect them to do so. But I don't think they should be bribing their patrons in this way .
  6. That's really awful. If people are impressed by the displays and are allowed to take photos they can choose to do so, and to post on Instagram if they want to. Bribing people to do so is embarrassing and really quite pathetic.
  7. Well yes. You couldn't make it up, really. I only occasionally see Rambert nowadays, but I hope the company will flourish under his directorship.
  8. Or me!! (And I appreciate that many more of such posts could get a bit much...).
  9. Presumably his next review of The Sleeping Beauty will include a withering criticism of monarchy as a system of government.
  10. Slightly worrying though that he says 'I've got to do this now'!
  11. I'm afraid if he stuck to RB new works it would be a very poor season, and I think he must know that so I'm hoping that idea has been quietly dropped. Involving other companies would be excellent, but unfortunately I suspect problematic for all sorts of reasons (other than for a very short run as for the MacMillan anniversary).
  12. I was actually just editing out my comment about the triple bills, Lizbie1, when you posted this; but I do agree that a lot of triple bills nowadays are insufficiently enticing. But that shouldn't, of course, be the case.
  13. I've just looked at the R&J prices for the first time. There are now so few seats in 'my' price band in the Amphi! (And I just told my sister where they were because she wants to book with some friends! So we'll probably be competing for the same tiny number of seats.) AND of course now we know exactly what they're doing, and why. In spite of the denials, it's absolutely clear that they're adjusting the prices of the less expensive seats bought by regulars and so pricing the regulars out of going - er - regularly. At this rate they will end up with an audience where the only 'regulars' are rich. Talk about elitist.