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  1. Flowers in Giselle

    Maybe Albrecht nicked it.
  2. Flowers in Giselle

    Good thing Giselle isn't set in Lincoln, then.
  3. Well they clearly do so in a very poor/arbitrary fashion in that case! I've read the most appalling comments that couldn't possibly be considered acceptable by anyone in their right mind.
  4. Extend editing time

    If you're going to make errors like that one, maybe we should reduce the edit time even more to maximise the entertainment value!
  5. Yes - in fact I often wonder why online newspapers etc with large paid staff can't moderate their 'comments' sections (and so they often descend into ridiculously abusive, foul-mouthed ranting) when this Forum is so expertly moderated by volunteers. I sometimes cite it to other people as evidence of how a public forum CAN be well run and a force for good.
  6. And from me too. You do a wonderful job with great skill, patience and good humour.
  7. Thank you, JohnS. I'm aware that I 'like' a lot; there's a lot to like. in fact sometimes the system tells me that I've reached the limit of 'likes' so I can't use it again for now. I find that MEAN! Anyway, at the risk of repeating myself, I do agree that posters should be slow to take offence, both in terms of opinions with which they disagree and in terms of people disagreeing with them. I wouldn't support self-rationing of the use of appreciative terms. I think that sometimes 'wonderful' is the only sensible response in the aftermath of a great performance. If more critical analysis follows, that's great, but not compulsory. All input - overflowing enthusiasm, critical analysis, negative reaction - is welcome.
  8. I quite agree, Fonty. But I have to say that I can't recall ever seeing criticism like that on this forum - at least not about ballet matters.
  9. But that works both ways - people also take offence too easily at being disagreed with.
  10. It may (or may not) amuse you to know that the reason I didn't like that post of yours was because it was entirely unlike your usual posts - it was short and rather bland and, as you say, merely mirrored another post. I should perhaps have guessed that it wasn't a genuine post!
  11. I'm getting a bit tired of the idea that 'independence of thought' is somehow discouraged on this forum - I think that is both incorrect and offensive to those of us who post regularly. I feel no pressure whatsoever to either withhold a negative view or state a falsely positive view. But if anyone expresses an opinion, especially if they do so in uncompromising language, they must be prepared for others to challenge them, to engage with what they've said. This isn't just a site where people can say whatever they want and expect everyone to agree with them; it's a site for discussion, sometimes disagreement, engagement. Posters of every opinion must have the courage of their conviction, otherwise don't post on a public forum.
  12. Oh dear!! But this was a different problem, in fact - it was Princess Louise (I think) and part of her dress/bustle was too long/loopy and the dancer's leg got caught in it every time she tried to dance. (Completely off topic, but this reminds me of when I saw Wall and Seymour in Mayerling in 1978 and Seymour's dress got badly torn in the frenetic last pas de deux, so she had to keep pushing swathes of material over her shoulder and arm in order to try and prevent herself from falling over it all. She did an amazing job!).
  13. None of my comments have been 'aimed at' you, penelopesimpson. This is a discussion!
  14. Flowers in Giselle

    At least it's not an electronic alarm clock going off. Wouldn't have quite the same impact.