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  1. ??? Is this really all there is to say of it??
  2. Brilliant! Thank you MRR for the fascinating review and beautiful collage.
  3. I don't remember it like this, though I agree there may have been some 'business' that could usefully have been lost. I remember it as exquisite and pure and incredibly moving. And I loved Act 4. I think Dowell's production aimed to be a more authentic choreographic text.
  4. There's a lot I'll miss about the old production. In spite of its problems, I grew very fond of it over the years and it packed a huge emotional punch. So thank you to Anthony Dowell et al who have received too much criticism recently in the run up to the new production. (I don't mean on this forum but in the press generally.)
  5. It also engages the audience's interest and sympathy, so they're rooting for the replacement dancer instead of missing the replaced one. So it's good psychology as well as good manners.
  6. I've just had a vision of horses instead of swans...
  7. I didn't get it at first either! It's a reference to Hugh Grant in the film Notting Hill, inadvertently posing as a reporter from Horse and Hounds when talking to Julia Roberts, and asking a nonsensical question... (cf why are there so many swans in SL)
  8. Me too. In fact, I've just composed a letter to him requesting that he do just that!! (Flaming cheek, I know.)
  9. Sorry - just realised this has been discussed above. But I hope there IS someone else available in case!
  10. That sounds entirely sensible; but are there no 'covers'?
  11. One of the reviews mentioned (favourably) that it had been cut. (I wondered if I'd blinked and missed it.)
  12. Yes, I've sometimes wondered this (though not in quite these terms!). Perhaps there's a deeper 'night' during which the swan maidens are only swans. And, when Odette turns back into a swan, although she looks the same she dances differently - no human variation, just a kind of trance-like movement off the stage. So the way they look/dress is not the indication of which state they are in. And it may be that they're not necessarily swans ALL night - only when VR chooses to cast his 'night' spell and resume total control over them. Just thinking aloud here...
  13. I was actually really impressed at how polished the performance was, given that it was the première of a huge and complex new production. Of course as it beds in any very minor uncertainties will be ironed out.
  14. I will ensure no opera glasses at the end next time! I did in fact assume that Odette was not simply dead and gone; but we are still left with a grief-stricken Siegfried (who clearly also didn't see Odette behind him!!) and the lovers not united. So there is no resolution of the personal tragedy.
  15. I'd forgotten that bit! It's tremendous - so moving and powerful.