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  1. ToThePointe

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Now partners adds a new level to the mix! I think it would be incredible to experience the passion and tragedy in the final scenes of Onegin with a wonderful partner. It would also be wonderful to experience the thrill of putting all of your trust in a partner especially for really difficult lifts and choreography. I think Rhapsody would be wonderful to dance with a partner you shared chemistry and trust with as that choreography is so special. But to be honest there are a few dancers I would be happy partnering me even if it was just to literally walk onto the stage! It must have been so incredible to have shared the stage with dancers like Nureyev or Baryshnikov let alone be partnered by them!
  2. ToThePointe

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I just asked my boyfriend which role he would dance and he said “the drunken uncle from Manon” - he means Lescaut...!
  3. ToThePointe

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    Yes Tatiana would be wonderful. I also think that the Queen of Hearts is probably a real blast to perform too!
  4. ToThePointe

    Which Role Would You Dance?

    I would love to dance Myrtha as well and Gamzatti! I like all the evil ones!
  5. I'm not a dancer, nowhere near it unless there's free flowing wine and a disco playlist; however, I was listening to the music from Sleeping Beauty earlier and thought how fun it would be to dance the role of Carabosse. This led me to thinking of other roles I would love to dance, if I were a ballerina, and thought this would be a fun topic to discuss! So assuming we are all talented, capable and technically wonderful ballet dancers - if you could dance any role in ballet's repertoire which would it be and why?
  6. This may be a stupid question but have there ever been/ or are there currently any artistic directors who haven’t been dancers? Or who haven’t come from a ballet background at all? This may sound like I’m interested in applying but honestly just interested to know!
  7. Cuthbertson and Ball I think are an odd choice for Don Q- Cuthbertson doesn’t strike me as a natural Kitri and I somehow can’t picture Ball as Basilio. With this being said, I’m looking forward to seeing what they make of it and how they tackle humour in ballet. Cuthbertson is a natural comedienne so it will be interesting to see whether Ball can match her in that area. Interesting to see that Ball isn’t reprising the Young Man in Two Pigeons though and that Stix-Brunell will dance this instead with Reece Clarke – is that because Ball will be doing Bourne’s Swan Lake during that time? I can’t wait to see Cuthbertson do this again with Muntagirov, I thought they were wonderful. Dare I say it, I’m a bit disappointed to see that Nunez will dance with Muntagirov in Don Q – I would have really liked to have seen them both dance this with someone else. I am so happy that Mayara will be making her debut as Kitri – I think that out of all the classical roles, Kitri is probably the one she was born to dance. I can’t wait for Fumi either who I am loving the more and more I see of her. I am also interested to see how she will dance with Corrales and I think, dare I say it, his partnership with Fumi excites me a bit more than it does with Osipova in Don Q. I hope everyone remembers to bring their sunglasses as I’m sure that will be an explosive show of fireworks and tricks, however, I’m more interested to see how Corrales does interacting and blending with the rest of the company and how he partners Fumi. I think it’s a shame not to see Morera dance Kitri, similarly to Mayara, I think it’s a role that would suit her so well and I would love to see her do it. Bonelli as her Basilio would really be a dream but there we go, will have to make do with seeing them together again in Mayerling! It’s interesting that apart from Nunez/Muntagirov, O’Hare is still showing no signs of developing a partnership over the next season. I wonder whether he’s mixing it up until he finds the golden mean or whether he just likes to see different dancers partnered for different ballets. Either way, I like how it gives us an opportunity to see something different and to see dancers given wonderful opportunities. I completely agree with Xandra Newman about Hayward. I don’t feel like she has missed opportunities. I actually feel like I’ve seen a lot of Hayward making debuts in prominent and leading roles. Not every dancer is suited to every ballet and I would argue that the sign of a great Artistic Director is one who understands this and respects it. For me, Hayward is an exquisite Ashton dancer and has shown her strength dancing MacMillan (agreed it’s a shame she wasn’t given Mary Vetsera). Her Manon I think will be the portrayal of her generation – I’m not sure I’ve seen it done better for years and her Lise and Titania (my and that Rhapsody performance) were dynamite. Is Hayward a natural Odette? A natural Kitri? I’m not so sure, but that’s not to say she isn’t going to have a wonderful career. What I like so much about the Royal at the moment is that different dancers have such different strengths and no performance is the same. We should celebrate this. I’m glad we are able to see such an array of talent across a spectrum of ballets – if all we saw were the same dancers cast in everything then I think the ROH stage would become a dull place indeed!
  8. You’re absolutely right RuthE well spotted and thanks! Will change now!
  9. ToThePointe

    RB Principal Pipeline

    I love James Hay and I think he’s a great artist. For me he’s a First Soloist, maybe not Principal but I’d be happy to be proved wrong!
  10. Thanks Richard! I have to say that Claire was a real pleasure to interview and you’re right - wonderful generosity of spirit!
  11. ToThePointe

    RB Principal Pipeline

    I hadn’t thought much of Bracewell this Season but his debut as Siegfried was mesmerising. His performance was so detailed and thoughtful and he danced beautifully and partnered Takada so well. Had no idea he had that in him so now I’ve seen it I expect him to show it in everything he does from now on!!!
  12. ToThePointe

    RB Principal Pipeline

    For me, there are certain dancers who have just got star quality and those are the ones who belong in the Principal rank. Dancers like Hayward and Naghdi just ‘had it’ and so a promotion was well deserved. Other dancers like Takada, may not have had that same quality before their promotion but displayed such an incredible technique and ability to dance that again a promotion was well deserved. I have to say that since her promotion, Takada has really displayed star quality for me and I find myself wanting to watch her more and more. I look at dancers like Isabella Gasparini or Calvin Richardson and I see some form of star quality that makes me hope they have a lot more opportunity over the next few years. I would say that Matt Ball is probably the only dancer who I could see being realistically promoted to Principal at the end of this season. I’m sure Reece Clarke will follow soon and that Calvin Richardson, Joseph Sissens, Ben Ella, Lucas Braendsrod(?) and Will Braceful will eventually get there too. I have been noticing Joonhyuk Juk and Stanslaw Wegryzyn too in Swan Lake and there is a lot of potential for both of these dancers to do some exciting stuff over the next few years. I think we can expect that Fumi Kaneko and Anna Rose O’Sullivan will get to Principal level as well in the next few years and I view Ashley Dean as a dark horse to work her way up too. Mayara Magri has had a wonderful season and her Myrtha left me with my jaw dropped for days. I hope she is promoted soon but I think she could make it to Principal in the next couple of years as well. To be honest, the level of talent at the Royal right now is pretty unbelievable. Bar a few, I think the majority could all go all the way! It’s an incredible time to be watching them perform and it’s a shame they can’t all make it to Principal! I think what I would like to see more of though is the younger dancers being given more opportunity and for Kevin to take more risks with casting. I’d like to see some new Romeos and Juliets and maybe some new dancers in Two Pigeons next season. Someone like Mayara should be given Kitri next season for example. What I like about Kevin is that he does provide opportunities for dancers and he is trying to bring a lot of dancers through from the school. I hope he takes notice of our views on partnerships but on the whole, I trust his judgement!
  13. I had the privilege of interviewing Claire Calvert for my blog, To The Pointe. Link below, I hope it makes for some nice Sunday reading! xhttp://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2018/06/03/To-The-Pointe-Meets-Claire-Calvert
  14. I know that this run still has a week to go before opening night but I thought some may enjoy reading my interview with Delia Mathews as she prepares to make her debut as Aurora alongside Brandon Lawrence. http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2018/01/27/ToThePointe-Meets-Delia-Mathews xx
  15. ToThePointe

    For Sale: RB Giselle 20th Jan 7pm

    Has this been sold? If not I’m interested too!