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  1. I know that this run still has a week to go before opening night but I thought some may enjoy reading my interview with Delia Mathews as she prepares to make her debut as Aurora alongside Brandon Lawrence. http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2018/01/27/ToThePointe-Meets-Delia-Mathews xx
  2. For Sale: RB Giselle 20th Jan 7pm

    Has this been sold? If not I’m interested too!
  3. If anyone has a cheapish ticket for the Takada/Ella cast please let me know!! Thanks x
  4. I don’t mind a happy ending - after all, good always trumps evil!
  5. I recently interviewed Hofesh Shechter for ToThePointe and he had some interesting things to say about 'Untouchable' - have a read here: http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2017/12/20/ToThePointe-Meets-Hofesh-Shechter
  6. I also found James Streeter and Tamara Rojo in Akram Khan’s Giselle extremely moving and was brought to tears by their performance and the brilliance Khan’s choreography
  7. Yes Rojo sitting on the bed - completely agree!!
  8. also Marianela Nunez and Thiago Soares in their most recent Onegin was something to see - they were both crying which of course made me cry too!
  9. Great topic and so difficult to choose! I used to be a bit stone-cold but as I've grown older I seem to be moved by everything I see! Here are the ones that come to mind for me: Flight Pattern by Crystal Pite - again not a dancer specifically but it made me blub from the start! I also remember spotting Ashley Dean's face which conveyed the despair of the situation and this moved me a lot too. Johan Kobborg and Thiago Soares as Rudolph in Mayerling - I haven't seen this done better than these two. Perhaps not as technically impressive as others, but their acting and expressions said so much and they are the only ones to make me really pity Rudolph. Urgh that bit in the final scene when he's on his knees and the piano is playing makes me so emotional! I just want to give him a hug! Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg in Giselle and Onegin - no words! Natalia Osipova as Giselle, particularly when I first saw her do it when she guested at the RB and did it with Carlos Acosta. She really became a spirit and there was something in the way she moved her body and expressed herself that made her seem so ethereal. She forgave Albrecht and you could feel that through her dancing and it made her seem like this great, heroic almost saintly martyr. I found that very emotional. Evgenia Obratzsova as Juliet when she guested with the RB with Steven McCrae - she was a revelation! So beautiful and I really felt like she was a child. There was a moment when she looked out into the audience almost asking us for help and she seemed so isolated and vulnerable. Just beautiful! Yuhui Choe in Requiem - the music alone gets me but Yuhui dances this so beautifully and with so much grace that this alone makes it a tearjerker for me! Lauren Cuthbertson as Juliet - has been bringing me to tears for years and years in that role Vadim Muntagirov as Des Grieux and as the Boy in Two Pigeons and to be honest pretty much everything! Yasmine Naghdi and Matthew Ball in Romeo and Juliet and I also found their debut in Sleeping Beauty so beautiful that it moved me to tears! James Hay and Frankie Hayward in Rhapsody - utterly divine and incredibly moving But I think above all something that never fails to move me and make me cry is Act 2 of Giselle during the Wilis dance and their famous 'crossing' section. I am so moved by their beauty every time and it is so beautiful to watch that I need a bundle of tissues to get me through it! (writing this very quickly at work as couldn't resist so excuse any typos I have in here!!)
  10. Wanted! Triple bill 26/10!!

    Have taken this ticket thank you!
  11. Hi there looking for a cheap ticket to the triple tomorrow evening for Gloria/Judas/Elite please let me know!!
  12. Hi there looking for bayadere ticket, any date any cast! Thanks!
  13. Hi There I had the honour of interviewing the fabulous Hayley Maloney. Recently retired to focus on motherhood, Hayley reminisces about her time with Norwegian National Ballet and The Royal Ballet, dancing to William Forsythe, raising her son and that unforgettable performance of Carabosse... Have a read in link below! http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2017/06/26/To-The-Pointe-Meets-Hayley-Maloney-Forskitt
  14. BBC Young dancer 2017

    Have a read of my interview with the finalists ahead of the final this evening! http://tothepointemagazine.wixsite.com/tothepointemagazine/single-post/2017/04/22/BBC-Young-Dancer-2017-The-Finalists-Have-Their-Say