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  1. Hi, J_New! There are about 10 tickets now online for the 23rd on ROH website - in the Stalls and in the Amphi. I just bought one. Hurry up! Btw, have you noticed that I am selling here a good ticket for the sold out opening night? 20 November. Stalls Circle, Row C, Seat 85, £32.
  2. Natalia Osipova in "The Mother”. https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/mother#overview Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s wintry tale. Choreographed by Arthur Pita. 21st Dec 2018 - 22nd Dec 2018. Pentland Theatre - Pleasance at EICC, Edinburgh.
  3. On 10th of November Lauren Cuthbertson will dance "Sylvia" at Mariinsky Theatre. Her partner will be Xander Parish: https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2018/11/10/1_1930
  4. The dance of the Golden Idol was born in 1948 when Vladimir Ponomarev and Vakhtang Chabukiani vere reviving the production of 1941 at the Kirov Theatre. The virtuoso dancer Nikolai Zubkovsky who was 37 at that time and approaching the end of his dancing career wanted to do something in this production. So he proposed this new cameo role and asked the conductor Pavel Feldt to compose some music for this. The whole dance was choreographed and performed by Zubkovsky himself. There is an opinion that Feldt used the music of the “Persian March”, written by Minkus for the ballet Le Papilion, staged by Petipa in 1874.
  5. Wednesday 14 November 2018, 7.30pm -- London Russian Ballet School A Sleeping Beauty Fairy Tale with Ekaterina Krysanova and Ruslan Skvortsov of the Bolshoi Ballet Venue: Cadogan Hall https://www.cadoganhall.com/event/london-russian-ballet-181114/
  6. WANTED a ticket for The Unknown Soldier / Infra / Symphony in C on 23 or 26 November.
  7. Sorry, Bubblebuddy, I wrote automatically SCS but it is just SC -- Stalls Circle.
  8. I have to sell 1 ticket for Tuesday 20 November, 7.30pm — The Unknown Soldier / Infra / Symphony in C Stalls Circle, Row C, Seat 85 - £32. It is a good one — behind the seat where Vaziev usually sits watching his company’s performances.
  9. Hi, Bubblebuddy, I have to sell 1 ticket for 20 Nov. Quite a good one. SCS, Row C, Seat 85 - £32.
  10. Dear Enblover, I sent you a PM and am waiting for your reply. In anticipation, A.
  11. Dear Granta, Bluebird wrote to you on my behalf and I sent you aPM that I would like to buy your tickets. Kind regards, Amelia
  12. A visiting friend of mine desperately wants a spare ticket for La Bayadere on 13 or 16 November. Can anyone help me with a ticket for her? Please!