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  1. Amelia

    Vaganova Prix 2018

    Maria Khoreva, a Vaganova graduate (2018), made a debut in The Nutcracker. Her partner was Kimin Kim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5H0f5gTV76A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8EosSrl0d0
  2. Here is the cast for transmission on 20 January 2019: Nikia - Olga Smirnova Dugmanta, Rajah - Alexei Loparevich Gamzatti - Olga Marchenkova Solor - Artemy Belyakov https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/1/roles/#20190120180000 Nikita Elikarov will appear in the character role of Dugmanta, Rajah on 17 and 19 January. Have you seen him, Farfallina? Why do you think that this casting is odd?
  3. The Bolshoi dancers do it. Nikolai Tsiskaridze used to do it:
  4. A delightful pas de deux from Nutcracker which starts as a pas de six. I like that it is danced not as a cameo part (Sugar Plum Fairy) but by Marie and shows euphoria felt by a girl who became a princess in her dream. https://vk.com/video-121803162_456239038 Renata Shakirova and Kimin Kim with his cosmic and elegant jumps.
  5. Timmie, you were asking about how long the streaming will continue. It was announced now that the internet access to "The Nutcracker" from Perm will be available until the 8th of January.
  6. Amelia

    For sale

    I would like to buy this ticket, daisydance.
  7. Fortunately, a required ticket has been already provided about 20 min. ago. Thank you very much, desking, for your response.
  8. Really wanted by a visiting dancer ONE ticket for the RB Triple Bill on 2 or 4 January. Can someone help please?
  9. Thank you so much, Springbourne3, for writing about that production and, Darlex, for mentioning that it can be found on internet. I have found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xerl4cej3p4 What a delight to watch Eva Evdokimova with her unique gracefulness and charm.
  10. Hi, Timmie. Information on the Perm Theatre's website is rather vague: this recording will be transmitted at the time when something else is transmitted. Honestly, I failed to understand how it can be traced. They will also transmit it on 31 Dec. at 19:00 London time but on a Russian channel, so it might not be working for the UK. I didn't take a chance and watched this streaming today.
  11. Those who are not tired of “The Nutcracker” yet can watch now the streaming of a new production from the Perm Opera & Ballet Theatre. Choreography by Alexey Miroshnichenko: https://yandex.ru/?stream_channel=1544436449&stream_id=45af40d466b1aa08a677cfb39d3a59a4
  12. For sale 1 e-ticket for The Nutcracker at Clapham Picturehouse today at 3 pm. £19. It is the Bolshoi's direct transmission with Chudin and Shrainer. To my regret, I cannot use my ticket for this sold out show.
  13. Arthur Pita thanks the cast of "The Mother " for their performance in Edinburgh https://www.instagram.com/p/Brsje3zg9FV/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. Don Q Fan wrote: "I was frankly shocked at the total lack of security or any ticket checks.” Neither my bag nor my ticket was checked at any point last night. ninamargaret wrote: "I noticed today that there are very discreet notices on the tables asking people to vacate tables to allow those attending performances to sit. Also that only food and drink purchased in the ROH is permitted.” Unfortunately, some people do whatever they like. Last night, during the first interval, two ladies were munching their own sandwiches in the Stalls foyer, in front of Margot Fonteyn’s head. Any regulation makes sense only if it is enforceable. And now a happy story. At the very end of the first interval last night we were waiting for a lift on the Ground level but all three lifts were out of order. Some people rushed to the staircase. Had I tried the same I wouldn't have reached my Upper Slips seat in time. I asked the front of the house administrator: what should I do? Please listen! He instructed his assistant to take me to the Grand Tier, so I happily enjoyed there two remaining acts. Truly it was blessing in disguise. Some nice people work at the ROH but who does the planning?
  15. This topic has already started in August this year: http://www.balletcoforum.com/topic/18312-russian-icons-gala-2019-31st-march-coliseum/?tab=comments#comment-253820