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  1. I went to the opening night in Plymouth. This show ticked all of the boxes for me. The music is amazing, full of emotion and drama. I can't put into words how good it is. I saw it last night as well and it is just so moving. The interpretation of the story has taken well to stage. It is humorous, full of passion, love , drive , highs, lows, tragedy. The dancing is fantastic. For me it is a 10/10. This show is going to get better and better. Congratulations to all involved with New Adventures. I wish you luck with your tour. Well done x
  2. Dear Bailarin, I've forgotten how to PM someone. Can you send me a message I maybe able to help. Friends
  3. Is it worth merging the thread " costs involved for upper schools"?
  4. If you judged CSB by their premises no one would go. They've had plans in the pipeline for years for new premises and accommodation which if built would then be considered state of the art. From memory RBS didn't give a tour at preliminaries. Don't expect too much then you won't be disappointed
  5. I was fortunate to go and see the dress rehearsal of this production last night. It was a great evening and the Crystal Pite piece was very creative and powerful. Looking forward to seeing it again on Saturday
  6. Does anyone know of any drop-in ballet classes my dd could attend during the summer holidays please?
  7. NL to answer you question all students get to perform but it can range from being in 1 number to a possible 8 throughout the 3 performances
  8. I really enjoyed Central's show last night at the Platform Theatre. It demonstrated the versatility of it's students. The programme was a mixture of classical & contemporary ballet, Spanish , jazz, contemporary and solos.
  9. Good luck to the Central students performing in their end of year show starting tonight. Enjoy and smile ????
  10. At Central the students buy their tights in house so that they all have the same colour. At first I didn't like this idea but actually they have been fantastic and the 6 original pairs that were purchased are still going strong and have been good value
  11. 15 graduates secured jobs, what are the remaining graduates doing?
  12. We are also paying £9000 per year for this training and it would be nice to see if it has been worth it?
  13. We tried to get maths last year but they weren't interested even though we had enough numbers of students. The students do have quite a lot of academics included where they have assignments on the history of ballet, various choreographers and PDP. They do have a list of these and dates for submitting but they involve a lot of research. Jazzpaws try not to overload your DD because they are exhausted during the first few weeks and doing English A level involves studying at school from 4-7pm on 2-3 nights per week which means they get back home late for supper. My philosophy is for my dd to enjoy this experience and after careful consideration decided not to do A levels. If required these can be done at a later date or another foundation degree can be taken.
  14. I would be intrigued to know if those students who are in all of the pieces are the best or the ones with the biggest sponsors of the schools?
  15. I agree Tabitha. Why can't they perform a shorter number for each cast? Everyone then gets to feel part of the show. They can then perform every show then the parents don't have to fork out for numerous tickets.