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  1. Sorry, I love Carlos, but this appointment of a famous name seems geared to generating as much publicity for BRB as possible. I know there were far more qualified applicants but sadly nowhere near as well known. He’s probably only second to Darcey in terms of being a household name and international star....
  2. The other difficult thing to come to terms with is having all that money and still not being able to ‘fix’ the problem. Sometimes there are things that even money can’t buy. From my own experience, it was always the next treatment or another worldwide eminent consultant who might be able to help, even travelling to America where they have some groundbreaking medical treatments. It all cost thousands and subconsciously I thought if only I paid more money and found the ‘right’ consultant or treatment, then there had to be a solution! Sadly we are still coming to terms with the fact that there are some structural body issues which cause physical problems in elite training that just can’t be overcome with medical science. Dreams shattered before they’ve truly begun when it’s not within your control, leaves an enduring sadness that nothing else quite ever makes up for!
  3. I’m not familiar with Hamilton but white characters aren’t classed as a racial minority so can be played by anyone of any heritage - it’s called “colour-blind casting” but it only applies to black and minority ethnic (BAME) actors being cast in traditionally white character roles, whereas BAME characters have to be played by a BAME actor. e.g. recently a west-end musical star banned from singing a song from ‘Dream Girls’ at the Albert Hall because she is white and not of African American heritage
  4. Is there a rule now that one can only create art based strictly on factual accuracy and ones own racial heritage? How awfully joyless and restrictive life has become. And what if ballet adopts the current theatre rule that only actors of the correct racial minority heritage can play a part? That would mean only dancers of ‘oriental’ heritage could dance in La Bayadare.
  5. Don’t forget that the AD changed during Claudia’s time at RB. Different ADs view dancers differently. Whilst there was no doubt she was a favourite of Monica Mason’s, I’m not sure the same could be said of Kevin O’Hare.
  6. Also a lot of competition winners are technically brilliant but not necessarily artistically developed. Seems such a shame that some of the British students with beautiful artistry are overlooked due to being behind the curve technically. However I blame company ADs who still seem to place a higher and higher value on tricks and technical ability than true artistry. People keep saying the tide is turning again but I really don’t see any real evidence of this.
  7. This is so true. A lot of the issues stem from the fact that there is differential treatment of students depending on how talented they are. The students see some shockingly bad student behaviour which goes unrecognised if the student is one of the perceived ‘stars’ whereas others are punished disproportionately. This also extends to the mantra of “if you work hard you’ll get results/rewarded, which quickly becomes meaningless when certain students get rewarded with star parts even when they patently don’t try or feign injury to skip class and bunk off to go shopping on a regular basis! Students know that they are getting away with it and staff turn a blind eye.
  8. My DD always had good pastoral care from house staff and academic staff. The real issue is the treatment in the ballet studio and the way they behaved on occasion was deplorable. The void that exists between ballet and other staff means that these problems can’t be addressed as they operate in their own world and other staff very much know their place and often aren’t ever spoken to or acknowledged by the Ballet staff. It’s like there are two completely different schools within one.
  9. Tamara was a great dancer, but that doesn’t make her a great manager. I wonder what training she has had, if any, for her current role. I would expect any AD or CEO in these circumstances to commission an external investigator to do a full governance review at the company.
  10. Not all the dancers who have left in the last 5 years were listed in the post. Many others have left who weren’t listed. People tend to focus on the more senior company members but lots of more junior dancers have left as well.
  11. Aileen, you have made several posts which suggest that you don’t believe any of the allegations, which is odd given a large amount of information now in the public arena which suggests there is some kind of problem. I wonder how you can be so sure?
  12. This seems to be another one of those cases which crop up from time to time on balletco. where there are people on here connected with the ballet world who KNOW what is going on at ENB but can only hint at it on a public forum and others who are not so connected who are understandably putting forward reasoned, rational but speculative argument based on little fact. Therefore unless anyone who knows is willing to state publicly, it might be better leave the speculation aside for now?
  13. Have you seen Joseph dance? He is amazing! There is no chance it's because he's not 'good enough' - he is a standout dancer and Paris Opera would be lucky to have him. It is definitely 'the system' and maybe that the girls had both already been there for 2 years. if anyone wants to see him in London, he will be performing at the Ballet United Gala on 19th July at Cadogan Hall.
  14. It seems like they gave contracts to 2 girls and 4 boys from the Paris Opera School, as well as the 2 girls from the concours. What's the point of the Concours if you can't give a contract to the first place boy who has already proved himself for a year? I'm all for preserving traditions but this system seems crazy!
  15. It seems bizarre to run an audition, rank everybody and then actually PUBLISH it for all to see. It's a bit like going for a job interview and having the results made public....Feel so sorry for those further down the list. Well done to Joseph though - shame there doesn't seem to be a full contract for him yet but the system is mystifying.
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