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  1. O dear AnnaMarriott, how could it be “less than impressed with the mighty Kirov” several decades ago? At that time the company had an absolutely breathtaking, unparalleled corps de ballet. And the leads you might saw at that time were probably Asylmuratova, Terekhova, Ruzimatov, Zelensky… Sorry for the dummy that prematurely shot off the windmill but Leningrad (as it was then) was a true mecca of classical ballet.
  2. I agree that the grande pas de deux was impeccable, brilliant. The fuettes were spectacular, when Tereshkina flashed her red fun alternately above her head and by her waist. It was so effortlessly performed that didn’t look like a trick at all. There was also a special delight in the vision scene - Tereshkina did the Dulcinea’s variation, which Natalya Dudinskaya used to do but it is rarely danced now. This is an earlier recording of this variation with Tereshkina:
  3. Hi, bangorballetboy. I would like to buy your ticket for a friend. Will send you a PM.
  4. The today’s announcement on the Mariinsky’s website about the ballet season in London says: “The casts in London will be graced with the names of Diana Vishneva, Ekaterina Kondaurova, Viktoria Tereshkina, Nadezhda Batoeva, Elena Yevseeva, Anastasia Matvienko, Ekaterina Osmolkina, Ekaterina Chebykina, Renata Shakirova, Timur Askerov, Yevgeny Ivanchenko, Kimin Kim, Vladimir Shklyarov, Andrei Yermakov, Konstantin Zverev, Xander Parish, Alexander Sergeyev, Filipp Stepin, Ernest Latypov and Roman Belyakov.” The name of Oksana Skorik is missing there.
  5. Bolshoi Theatre's 241st season ends today. The last ballet performance (Don Q.) was yesterday. Some lucky witnesses reported that it was a fiery, breathtaking performance from Alexandrova & Lantratov.
  6. Some beautiful photos: Veronika Part’s farewell performance at American Ballet Theater in “Mozartiana” on Sat. 7 July, matinee.
  7. Just a few minutes ago the programme on Witness "The Rudolf Nureyev Phenomenon" has ended - Victor Hochhauser was describing Nureyev's defection. The podcast is available now - 9 minutes:
  8. Thank you very much, Alison.
  9. I will be grateful if someone can provide a link to the cast of the yesterday's screening.
  10. Since the references to the ballet “Nureyev” have disappeared from the Bolshoi’s website, it will be good to record the cast of that run-through, after which the performances have been cancelled. Nureyev - Vladislav Lantratov Eric - Denis Savin Margot - Maria Alexandrova The first letter (a pupil) - Vyacheslav Lopatin The second letter (a prima donna) - Ekaterina Shipulina Auctioneer - Vernik (Act 1), Koshevoi (Act 2) Ballerina - Anastasia Stashkevich
  11. Thank you, Janet. Assoluta, I am very much looking forward to your review and description of the farewell atmosphere accompanying the retirement of the great dancer. Yours envious, Amelia
  12. Unfortunately, I saw Thibault last time in 2008 at Maximova & Vasiliev Jubilee where he danced Grand Pas Classique with Myriam Ould Braham. Wonderful to remember Emmanuel Thibault' performances. However, have we got a suitable topic on Opera for that?
  13. Veronika Part to Leave American Ballet Theate… her contract was not renewed for another year. "… fans created a petition on asking Kevin McKenzie, Ballet Theater’s artistic director, and Kara Medoff Barnett, its executive director, to keep Ms. Part in the company."
  14. O yes, there was definitely some similarity between Thibault and Lopatin, both perfect technically and expressive artists as well. The ballet critic Katherine Kanter, a great admirer of Thibault, was the first who advised me to see him. Alas, the Opera's long serving boss missed a chance to reward that outstanding talent. Luckily, Slava Lopatin got the official recognition. The public appreciated his qualities long time ago. And Gudanov ah...
  15. On the 1st of July 2017 the Bolshoi's brilliant dancer Vyacheslav Lopatin was given - at last! - the rank of Principal Dancer. Congratulations!