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Manchester/Leeds JA times


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Hello -  I have been lurking here for a while. I don't know ANYTHING about dance, but I have a ballet mad 8 year old, who after attending a JA associate experience day up in Leeds, is desperate to audition for the JA programme.

Our nearest centre would be Manchester, but we could also do leeds.

Can anyone help me with the Manchester class times? it says some would be on a Friday? how would this work with regard to normal school? does anyone know how many classes out of the 28 sessions would be on a Friday? I'm not keen on her missing school, hence looking at Leeds as well.

With regard to the Leeds sessions, does anyone know what time on a Saturday these would be on? I don't think her dance teacher would allow her to miss classes to attend.

feel a bit caught between a rock and a hard place to be honest, and I don't know whether to just put her off. After all, the chances of her getting a place are v slim anyway.

Thanks in advance x

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Hi manchester younger ones are in the afternoon, so if you live nearish you can go to school in the morning. Year 6 is in the morning 9:45. It worked out at 11 days or mornings off school for the last two years. They try to put the Fridays in the holidays. Days off school are classed as gifted and talented or educated off site, not a day off!

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Sorry tatie lashes it is 11 per year. It depends on your local school holidays how many you would miss. Quite a few are on last day of term as well when a school could be winding down. It is a commitment though. My dd has to catch up with work missed etc stay late after school. It is also work for her academic teaches preparing it all, but it has definatley been worth it!

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'A word of warning. It does depend on the school/education authority as to whether the time will be authorised.


With the recent changes more & more schools are not allowing time off for this, I know that Cheshire have strict rules for example.


Best to check.'


We live in Cheshire and both my DD's were JA's in Manchester. School were very supportive and JA's isn't classed as an absence. This us still the case as a couple of little ones from our old dance school are current JA's and there hasn't been any issues.


Good luck with the audition and enjoy every minute.



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