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  1. Theatre arts is new this year. My daughter is on the dance associates so I really don't know, sorry. No dates yet but they have said that they are hoping to be face to face back in studio. Last associates class for this year is Sunday. Dance associate classes are always on Sundays on campus.
  2. Hi, my 14 year old daughter has been an associate since she was 9. She absolutely loves it. The costs at the moment are £115 per term. Not had a live class in the studio since 2020 and only online since April this year so fingers crossed its back to live classes in September for all the children.
  3. Dropped DD off today. She's just rang and is having a lovely time. Little snippets to see on the NYB story on instagram.
  4. Thanks so much for this Ruth. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I'll have a look x
  5. I'm in travel lodge on broad street. We stayed there last year. Think we've paid about 133 For the 4 nights. We are staying in travel Ogden Farringdon for sadlers wells shows. 135 for 2 nights. Found out yesterday that there are no trains going on or out of London Euston on the weekend of the 1st September which has scuppered my plans to train it from Birmingham. I really didn't want to drive to London.
  6. Hi, in terms of timings do you mean for picking up and dropping off at summer school? we had to get them there first thing on the first day to register.Not sure if it'll be the same this year but they will send a pack out with all the timings on. We could collect from lunchtime onwards on the Tuesday before dress rehearsal. hope that helps. My DD can't wait, she had such a good time last year.
  7. Recall for my dd for junior company. Good luck everyone xx
  8. My daughter will be 11 at the summer school time. How old is your DD?? The junior company timings are as above but main cast have to stay longer. They are v approachable in my experience.
  9. I'd start with his dance teacher. He/she will know his strengths and play to them. They're also used to choreographing to short pieces. I second the suggestion to try another style apart from ballet if you can. They'll assess potential for ballet in class, showing a bit of variety may be beneficial. im no expert by the way! Just repeating what I've either read on here or heard from my daughters dance teacher. If it's Hammond you are auditioning for I know they definitely like to see other styles apart from ballet. My daughter is an associate there and has been asked to audition for a full time place but it's not the right move for her just yet. Good luck!!
  10. Last year the initial audition was only between 11-12. The recall in London was 10- 1 I think, but they did ask you to be available until 2pm
  11. Thanks legseleven.im being really positive to her but I'm feeling quite worried.
  12. Haven't been able to logon for ages as my iPad has been out of action and I couldn't remember my log on details to get on via my phone! is anyone one else worried about the residential? DD over the moon but I'm v nervous as she's never been away from home before.how many children to a room I wonder? It's the practical things I worry about....currently trying not to teach her how to get her waist length hair into a passable bun....! she did see a couple of familiar faces from EYB and Hammond audition at finals so I'm hoping those children have also got through too.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'll sort it out when I get to the hotel
  14. Oh no you're joking? The only hotel I could get was about a 30 min tube ride away!
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