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An Evening of Music and Dance BRB and the Royal Ballet Sinfonia

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Anyone else there last night? Fabulous programme a packed house, thoroughly moving, I was still buzzing from the excitement when I woke this morning. David Bintley was the 'compare' for the evening which was delightful and he also made a surprise dance appearance ;) 


Dance programme was:


"Concerto Classique", danced by years 10 and 12 from Elmhurst School for Dance, choreography by Lee Robinson from Elmhurst danced to Suite no 3 Theme and Variations - Polacca, Tchaikovsky. Absolutely gorgeous (but I am biased as my DD danced in this, so no apologies). 


"Matryoshka" wonderful choreography by Ruth Brill, danced by Laura Day, Karla Doorbar, Miki Mizutani, Max Maslen, Oliver Till, Samara Downs, Feargus Campbell and Lachlan Monaghan. Totally charming and engaging to Shostakovich


"Act II from pas de deux from Cinderella" and we were treated by watching the gorgeous Elisha Willis with her very handsome Prince Iain Mackay


"Excerpt from Act II of Coppelia' with Momoko Hirata and special 'guest' David Bintley as Dr Coppelius!!! Absolutely marvelous!!!


"Four Season and Coda from Cinderella" with David Bintley choreographing a new version of "Autumn" from his original back in 2010. Danced beautifully by Miki Mizutani, Yaoqian Shang, Samara Downs and Delia Mathews.


And finally we were treated to a wonderful performance of the "Black Swan pas de deux and coda from Swan Lake danced by the amazing Celine Gittens and Tyrone Singleton a truly spectacular end to this wonderful evening. 


It was a real treat to see the Royal Ballet Sinfonia on the concert platform in full view of the audience rather than tucked away in the orchestra pit. Led by Rober Gibbs and conducted by Koen Kessels their programme was varied and enchanting:


Espana, Chabrier

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, Pietro Mascagni

The Walk to the Paradise Garden, Delius

La Valse, Ravel.


 One additional note on the students.... After watching the same dance during the Elmhurst Summer Show I could appreciate how the they had progressed both with technique and performance skills. They were clearly inspired by the thoughtful choreography, coaching and the momentous occasion of dancing to the music of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia at the same venue as the icons of Birmingham Royal Ballet. How lucky they are to have this unique opportunity.


This event is now a favourite of mine and I will definitely be attending next year. So refreshing and strangely intimate, you really do feel part of the proceedings. I enjoyed how the dance started with the young students, we saw new works and then built to a crescendo with the Black Swan pas de deux and coda.


Would love to hear other folks thoughts. I know Janet was there, I am sure she will add a more informed critique





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Hello Julie - you should have come and said hello!!  Sorry but you won't get a more informed critique from me - I loved the whole performance from start to finish and am still on a high!!


The annual evening of music and dance has been a highlight of my ballet-watching year for quite a few years now and last night was no exception!


I enjoyed all the musical excerpts but particularly La Valse.  I thought the orchestra (augmented for the occasion) sounded absolutely wonderful in this glorious hall and they were enthusiastically conducted by Koen Kessels.


This year the students from Elmhurst performed the first danced piece and danced it very well.  


Ruth Brill's Matryoshka was light and fluffy and really used the music well.  There was lots of deft footwork shown off brilliantly by the dancers and Samara Downs was absolutely superb in the pas de trois.  Ruth seems to me to be a very musical choreographer and I hope we get to see lots more from her.


Elisha Willis and Iain Mackay were just gorgeous in the Cinderella pdd.  Despite it being out of context they managed to inject so much feeling in to it.


And what a treat the magic scene from Coppelia turned out to be!  David Bintley gave a beautifully judged, subtle performance as Dr Coppelius and his interaction with Momoko Hirata was glorious.  As with Elisha and Iain they were able to create the mood without the set and the props.  Momoko was out of this world as Swanilda.  I loved how they had organised the bit where Swanilda is forcing the dolls into motion - Momoko raised a violinists arm (sorry I don't know her name) and leader Robbie Gibbs leg (how they kept on playing was beyond me!).


The four Seasons from Cinderella were another treat ... this evening was just getting better and better (lucky Japan being treated to the whole work!).


And so to Celine Gittens and Tyrone Singleton - what can I say - Peach3 is right they were absolutely on fire.  Celine showed all the guile and womanly wiles of Odile and it was very obvious why Seigfried was taken in by her.  It never ceases to amaze me how the dancers can perform these firecracker pieces so spectacularly on a performance space the size of a pocket handkerchief.  I think it rude to count the number of fouettes and I never do but for the record Celine filled the music with a serious of fouettes so rooted to the one spot that I am sure she was trying to drill through to Australia.  It was an outstanding end to an evening that started spectacularly and went from strength to strength throughout.


I am now anticipating next year's event and I would urge everyone who can to go and experience one of these joyous evenings for themselves!  It looked as though it was a near full house last night so you need to book early!

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Sounds fab must try to get there next year sounds almost as if it is a pity they only do one performance. How lovely to include the youngsters too.

Now I feel bad that I count fouettes! I can't help it and more often than not they exceed the required number. Oh dear!

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