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RDB dancers in London - casting - Sorella Englund joins tour

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Subject of course to change, casting for the RDB Dancers at the Peacock Theatre on 9th and 10th January will be as follows:

A Folk Tale pas de sept

Susanne Grinder/Amy Watson/Femke Slot/Kizzy Matiakis
Gregory Dean/Marcin Kupinski/Sebastian Haynes

(Andreas Kaas replaces Kupinski 10th mat)

Flower Festival at Genzano pas de deux

Diana Cuni /Alban Lendorf

Jockey Dance

Andreas Kaas/Sebastian Haynes

La Sylphide (Sylph/James/Madge)

9th Gudrun Bojesen/Ulrik Birkkjær/Sorella Englund
10th mat Susanne Grinder/Gregory Dean/Sebastian Haynes
10th eve Gudrun Bojesen/Gregory Dean/Sorella Englund

Le Conservatoire pas de trois

Gudrun Bojesen/Diana Cuni/Ulrik Birkkjær (Watson replaces Cuni 10th mat)


Pas de six:

Susanne Grinder/Amy Watson/Femke Slot/Kizzy Matiakis/Andreas Kaas/Sebastian Haynes

(Cuni replaces Watson 10th mat)

Solos and Tarantella: the company

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