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Pulled calf muscle - I'm so daft.


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Yesterday near the end of class I started to demonstrate chassé, chassé, temps levée when something in my left calf did pop - I even heard it! – just below the back of my knee.

It was at once painful but not so bad that I had to sit down immediately. I bravely marked grand allegro and cool down but then I had to be taken home by a student in her car.


I don’t know if I have pulled a muscle or if there are some torn fibres.


I did ice the spot when I was home half an hour later and put comfrey ointment on it, took a painkiller and with “RICE” it became a little better. At night I nearly went through the ceiling because of an awful cramp in the calf.


Today I feel grumpy and immobilised. How could I have been so careless – I’m 50+, didn’t warm up properly, have a knee weakness as well as an achilles tendon issue and a tendency for tight calves. Stupid, stupid. :angry:


Oh well. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Could I now have a little bagful of compassion, please?




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I am so sorry. My advice for what it's worth is to get the degree of the tear assessed by a physio and follow their treatment recommendations. Rest, ice and elevation will help but also consider when you start to walk again wearing shoes with a small heal to take the pressure off the calf muscle. The other recommendation I would have is taking arnica tablets to help with any associated bruising. Another family member of mine had a major hamstring tear as a result of a fall. The physio treating her said she had never seen such a rapid recovery and they put this down to the arnica tablets along with regular treatment. It was so profound that the physio discussed it at a conference. Certainly worth a try and will do no harm. All the best ????

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Dear All, thank you for you kind support! I’m sure it has helped, as I’m already hobbling on 1 ½ legs again.


Balleteacher, the arnica tablet suggestion was spot-on! One of my students gave me some globuli, she always has some on her - as a nursery teacher she often has to care for bruises.


If I can make it down the stairs somehow, I’ll try and get myself to a doctor’s surgery tomorrow. My fabulous physiotherapist is on a training course in Switzerland… tough luck!



Honestly once you are past 50 there's always something playing up it seems!!


Yes, that may be the case, but shouldn’t we be wiser too? ;)


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