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Christmas present ideas for dance teachers ????


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Hi just wondering if 1) anyone else buys their dance teacher a gift for Christmas and 2) does anyone have any good ideas on what to get? Just though would be nice to swap ideas, this also goes for school teachers too ???????????????? got my Christmas head on today!!

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Oh that's also a great idea!! I was going to get a box of cupcakes made with a Christmas/dance theme as there are a couple of teachers so thought a box could be shared. I'm loving the ideas your all giving me though, very different!! Thanks!!

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When I was actively teaching, some of the things I was given that I really enjoyed:


A hand made card


Hand knitted/crocheted scarf


A beautiful aqua silk scarf


Hand knitted slippers


Hand made tote bag


Anything hand made - including cupcakes


Satin covered hangars for sweaters


gift card to a dance shop


Fruit and nut platter


A beautiful dance figerine


A basket of freshly picked blueberries from the student's garden


A potted plant that I could put in my garden if I wished


A gift card to an  ice cream shop


A dance calendar for a wall, desk or purse  (but make sure the pictures are worthy - not sloppily done by non-dancers}


A pad of memo notes with or without my name on them


A homemade apple pie


One very little girl sang a song to me that she had obviously worked on  (I loved it!)




Things I didn't enjoy (although, of course, I appreciated the sentiment):


foot bath - too bulky to store - too much trouble to set up, then wash out, dry and store


a bottle of wine - I never drink alcohol - 


Any card or picture of a hippo in a tutu  - it was cute 1000 times and 39 yrs ago.


Coffee or tea selection - but they included caffeine - so were unuseable 


Listening to someone tell me they were too busy to buy a gift - I didn't expect a gift  - you don't need an excuse and I don't want to listen to it - feeling terribly embarrassed for both of us.  



I often found it was not the gift but the manner of giving it which made it memorable.  

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Thank you both some great ideas, we have done a few of these in the past but one of my favourites was a personalised notebook we got for dd school teacher, he does his own comic book and we managed to get a comic themed personalised notebook which he was

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If I had a pound for every candle Ive ever received I could retire!

I like wine!

But I do also like getting plants and I christen them after the people who give them! A christmas cactus from two years ago is flowering magnificently at the moment.

Home made cards and drawings are always appreciated too.

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