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Thanks to the new Balletco Committee. Administrators and Moderators ...

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I can't start a new topic in Balletco Forum so I have decided to say it here. I hope it's appropriate. I should just like to say a big thank you to all those who undertook to keep the show on the road and build on the achievements of the former website. I personally think it has gone from strength to strength. We seem to have new members and former members returning. I am delighted. I need my daily fix!


Thank you also to those who post with knowledgeable and/or enthusiatic reviews, devoid of personal attcks either on the ballet companies, dancers or other posters


Just over two months later I felt a little thanks might not go amiss


Bravo balletco. There is not another site like it. I shall raise a glass of red wine to you all shortly

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Awwww thanks to you, Pat, for such a lovely post. It's so good to know that you all appreciate, and derive so much from, this forum. We always appreciated ballet.co very much which is why we were passionate about trying to continue having a forum where we can all share our passion for dance. We are taking one step at a time in these early stages, but as long as we have people like you and the many others who post up and make the forum the vibrant place that it is, we should do ok!! Please spread the word; the more who join, the better it will be long-term.


Jackie....thanks for seconding, too!!

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Sixth! In the interim period when there was no Ballet.Co, I missed it dreadfully. Suddenly, there was nowhere to test reaction to performances, no information and no chat. Really awful. So a huge THANK YOU for keeping it going. I don't post with frequency, but I do read much more- and even more importantly one knows it's there - like a lifeline

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