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RBS Audition Insight Day


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Then I'd say it's beneficial - she will know (more or less) what to expect on the day and she might get to know some children/teachers and I think it helps to see a familiar face on her audition day.

We won't go as it's a long journey for us and year 6 JA workshop was a better option for us but for those who are not RBS junior associate I think it's worth it (and I understand that your DD isn't a JA).

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My daughter went to this when 13 having not done auditions before at all and it was very useful introduction to what auditions can be like, RBS or otherwise jus tto get a feel for how things generally work.  So useful that she'll be going again this half term in preparation for sixth form audition season.

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Thanks for the replies.

Yes, DD is not a JA. It is a long journey for us too, and alas probably too late to organise anyway now. I think we will just have to try and get as much information as we can beforehand if she does get an audition.

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