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Can anyone place this clip?

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(Dear Moderators - please feel free of course to move this if it is in the wrong place!)


A friend drew my attention to this Youtube clip, which shows Acosta and Valdes in rehearsal "in England". I am mystified about when and where this might have been - can anyone help? It's not the ROH and I don't think it's the Coliseum - and I can't identify any of the corps either!




I'm sure someone out there will know the answer immediately!


Thanks in advance,


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Thank you to everyone for these thoughts so far!


Most of the visible corps seem to be Hispanic but the definition is so poor (on my screen, anyway) that I do not even begin to recognise anyone, though I did wonder for a moment if I could see a young Muntagirov with a white towel stage left - but probably not.


I also estimated that this might be a Carlos of about 5 years ago.


Would he have rehearsed with Valdes during that tour of 2010 - I don't remember him guesting with the BNC at that time?

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