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RAD not mutual agreement anymore?


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Hi there I'm doing my IDTA ballet intermediate and teacher training and was going to apply for the 'Mutually Recognised Teacher' thing with the RAD, and now there not doing it anymore! its made me so upset that's what I wanted to do in the first place!

Do you know if there brining it back or something? :(

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From a complete outsiders point of view and from reading the information you were given from a poster in your previous thread I would have thought it unlikely that they would bring back the 'mutually recognised teacher' in its current form. I'm not sure how long that agreement had been in existence but I believe not that many years. RAD teacher training classes as higher education - you need to be 18 and already in possession of a minimum of intermediate to start what is quite a thorough teacher training course. Personally I am not quite sure why you would want to train with IDTA in order to teach RAD - unless perceived as an easier route into RAD and hence why the agreement has stopped. Surely if you wish to teach ballet there are plenty of IDTA syllabus schools out there for you. Also, many schools that offer both IDTA and RAD would perhaps let you assist in/learn RAD syllabus classes so that you could teach them yourself. One of the teachers at DDs school is IDTA qualified but has been teaching RAD higher grades for at least ten years for ballet. The principle of the school (RAD qualified) enters the students for exams. Doing the teacher training and gaining a qualification is only step one - a piece of paper and an introduction to teaching. Its a learning process that never ends. I would say go for step one and then assess your own personal step two. Good luck

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Personally I am not quite sure why you would want to train with IDTA in order to teach RAD - unless perceived as an easier route into RAD and hence why the agreement has stopped.


I would go along with that assessment! If you are an adult, you don't even need to have passed Intermediate to start IDTA teacher training, & I know of a number of people who have passed their IDTA pre-associate as an adult who would not in any way have ever been qualified to start the RAD teacher training.


IDTA was certainly being put about on the grapevine as a "shortcut" into RAD - whereas I believe the original intention was the opposite - to encourage RAD teachers to add tap, modern & theatrecraft into their schools! (Though personally I don't see how a previously ballet-only teacher could possibly be deemed qualified to teach tap, as they are quite different!)


But the IDTA have changed their syllabus recently and some of the new Grades 3-5 work is very challenging, so if it ever was an "easy option" I don't think it is now. Having said that, the amount of pointe work required for IDTA Intermediate is comparable to the demand at Inter Foundation in all the other syllabi (there is no IF level in IDTA) so that may be another reason the IDTA route was seen as such an attractive option. However I believe that you can still start RAD training with IDTA (or ISTD, Cecchetti, BTDA or BBO) Intermediate.....


Chloe, as has been said so many times on here, it is not the syllabus you teach that is important, it is the way you teach it that matters! i.e. the new IDTA syllabus is as perfectly good a one as any other, so long as your focus is on teaching ballet rather than just the exam settiings.

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