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  1. Just checked and the contents list is now posted on the website, Michelle
  2. Yes there is still an exemption for film or video making which would allow that Michelle
  3. Yes it's professional dancers only in Tier 4. Otherwise all dance studios have to close. 1:1 training sessions are allowed outdoors only.
  4. Yes it all seems to hinge on the definition of "mixing with". IMO this would be applicable on a case-by-case basis according to the way each specific dance school operates. The main danger in ballet classes is when doing exercises travelling across the floor in groups - especially when each "group" is queuing up for their turn and the groups/lines risk intermingling as they rotate. Also whether or not you can prevent people coming together & chatting to each other before and after class or between exercises on "drink breaks". Needless to say, hands-on corrections by the teacher are also complete "no-no". I have to say that I think the RAD are completely wrong about what they are saying, which totally conflicts with all the other dance organisations.
  5. Hi DancemumLouise i agree entirely that 30 mins a week is insufficient for your DD - however in the current times I'm afraid that you may well run into problems due to COVID-19 restrictions (children have to remain in the same "bubbles" for all their classes and not mix with other groups). I would be wary of the competition studio - while the teacher may not actually be "unqualified", the emphasis is likely to be on harder and flashier steps at the expense of the good solid technique that your current teacher has been carefully building. If you could afford it, private lessons with your current teacher do sound a better bet. BTW I can assure you that Grade 3-4 at 8 is definitely not the "norm" with any exam board, although you do need to bear in mind that different exam boards have different syllabus structures. For IDTA what your teacher means is that Grade 1 is a huge "leap" from Primary in that it is the first grade to have formal barre work and centre practice. That is also the case with ISTD, but not with RAD where this does not happen until Grade 2.
  6. The guidelines have been updated on gov.uk and clarify that dance and fitness classes of any size can go ahead if COVID-19 secure but participants should not interact socially in groups of more than 6 - good luck with trying to enforce that one!
  7. I guess LAB haven't updated their site because they are still closed due to COVID-19. Judging by the dates on their site, they were partway through a block when lockdown happened, so they would need to finish off that block for existing students before thinking about taking on any newbies anyway - assuming they can even get their studio back.... Probably worth checking back to the site in a few weeks just in case. (And no, I have no idea who they are either BTW... but the course they are/were offering looks interesting!) Unfortunately it is likely to be even harder than usual to find adult syllabus classes of any kind at the moment, due to having to divide students into smaller class sizes and the need to schedule cleaning in between adding to pressure on studio space.
  8. Not sure where the studios opening for 1:1 or small group coaching comes from - the rules are that only OUTDOOR exercise of this nature is permitted apart from elite sports training (eg Premier League football, Olympic athletes etc). So these types of studios & venues should definitely not be operating in this manner.
  9. Managed to do the Port de Bras in a very confined space the other day too....
  10. Discovering Repertoire Level 2 Class unit or Intermediate Foundation
  11. www.basingstokeacademy.co.uk There are also several schools in the Alton area
  12. Michelle, The "Silver Swans" brand is a registered trademark of the RAD, and as such they have the absolute right to impose whatever conditions they want on who can or cannot teach the classes, whether you agree with them or not. One of the terms and conditions states "Only teachers that have completed the Silver Swans Licensee Training sessions are able to lead Silver Swans classes. The License is non-transferable and does not apply to a Dance School as an entity." Another states that "Silver Swans Licensees are not permitted to create merchandise using the Silver Swans Logo." So in a nutshell, by not only allowing you to coach a group of "Silver Swans", culminating with having them perform as such in front of a Silver Swans examiner, and then actually issue them Silver Swans branded certificates, she would be in clear contravention of her licence and the Code of Conduct she would have signed up to. If someone from the RAD has pointed this out to her, (perhaps after she approached them to move forward with the idea) she would have had absolutely no choice but to pull the plug on you if she wanted to be able to continue as a Silver Swans licencee. So what you actually did wrong was attempting to do what you were doing under the Silver Swans brand. If you had dropped the Silver Swans aspects completely and just held independent repertoire sessions (not that I would personally be in favour of you doing that, for the reasons already explained by Kate N & Anna C) or - far preferably - had the teacher teach them using your arrangements and choreography (so your role would be limited to that of choreographer/artistic director rather than coach) the outcome may well have been different. Please do not take this post as a personal attack Michelle - it is not meant in that way at all - I am just trying to explain the probable reasons to you of why this has happened, because from your post you seem to be reading all kinds of horrible things into the situation that simply weren't there, and getting upset by them. Just try and see things from the teacher's point of view - she initially let you do it in good faith, probably getting swept up in your tremendous enthusiasm for repertoire - which is one thing that comes through loud and clear in all your posts on here - and then found herself in a very sticky situation with the RAD. At the end of the day she had to put her career and her school's standing with the RAD first - that does not mean that she would have taken any pleasure in stopping you from doing your sessions, and indeed she is probably very sorry that she has been put in a position where she had to upset you so much.
  13. Just been randomly surfing the web & come across this website for a new adult BBO syllabus school in Leeds - check it out if you're still interested! https://www.balleticleeds.com/ (I'm not connected with them in any way)
  14. It also depends on how bony your knees are and any previous knee injuries. There are three aspects - actually putting weight on the knee against the hard floor, having enough control to lower onto the knee without the risk of banging it on the floor when you go down, and having the strength and control to rise up again gracefully afterwards. Many older adults would struggle with at least one of these, and some of us with all three....!
  15. Yes 100% you could lunge Caroline - I have pm'd you. It is absolutely staggering to me that they put so much compulsory kneeling into syllabi commonly taken by adults - the Higher Grades, BOTH dance options at Intermediate Foundation and now Discovering Repertoire which is actually AIMED at adults. Do they really not get it????
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