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Found 4 results

  1. For IDTA jazz, are the ages guidelines or a requirement that they’re at least that age? Also does anyone know the minimum ages for Intermediate, Advanced 1 and advanced 2 please?
  2. Hi, I am currently studying to take the last part of the IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching in Ballet. This is for Unit 3 and is the for the last exam where you have to teach a class in front of the examiner. I was wondering if anyone has taken this in any style and could help with a couple of questions? 1. Are we allowed to take notes into the room with some exercises written down to teach to the class? 2. Do you wait to hear from the examiner inbetween each exercise taught or is it better to carry on teaching as if you would in a class and she is mostly there
  3. Before class today my teacher took me out of the studio and told me that my ballet examiner back in April had rung earlier nominating me for the IDTA ballet awards?? Along with 2 of my friends? Even my teacher has no idea what this is/means, so would love if anybody could shed even a small light on it? I'm very very happy! Honestly, this year gets better and better
  4. My daughter has recently completed IDTA Grade 2 ballet. She has moved to a new dance school recently and I’m not familiar with IDTA. We can’t see any numerical score on the report form, just tick boxes for technical foundation, musical and rhythmical response and presentation and dance, and then an overall ‘commended’ tick. Is that normal with IDTA or are we missing something? I checked the website but couldn’t find the info I wanted. It’s not a big deal, but just different from what we are used to.
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