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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give an insight to this course and answer a few questions that I currently have? 1. How does the course work? 2. What is the minimum age and grade needed to apply? 3. If you want to be able to teach the higher vocational grades do you need to have passed that exam yourself before the course? E.g if you wanted to teach the advanced 1 syllabus do you have to have passed it yourself? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, thank you for reading my post. First of all, I want to say I am 23 and I have decided I want to become a ballet dance teacher but I don't know if it is too late for me. I have a BTEC in dance.University is out of the option. I have some experience with ballet but my technique is not great. I was wondering if there is some sort of qualification that can help me to become a qualified dance teacher. Also, I would love to teach contemporary and street. Any advise for me please? Thanks
  3. Hi there I'm doing my IDTA ballet intermediate and teacher training and was going to apply for the 'Mutually Recognised Teacher' thing with the RAD, and now there not doing it anymore! its made me so upset that's what I wanted to do in the first place! Do you know if there brining it back or something?
  4. It's a long story, but basically I started training late and trained with an amazing American teacher in the UK who taught non-syllabus classes. I then went to vocational school abroad, have performed professionally and worked in the UK choreographing for various youth and professional companies (all contemporary) and have taught workshops in ballet and contemporary in relation to these but I'd really like to spend more time in ballet. At one point when I had a few freelance contracts on the go, I called the major exam boards asking for details of how I can obtain their associate teaching qualifications and they sent me info of teachers in my area through whom I could study for these. I called all the teachers, and NONE of them wanted to work with me! It seems that they only want to work with girls who have gone through the grades in their school and will ultimately teach for them. They don't want the possibility of someone setting up as a competitor! Since I was busy with work anyway and did have the chance to teach some ballet, I didn't pursue the issue. I currently live in Italy but would like to return to the UK in the future and am thinking about teaching again. There is a teaching course at accademia teatro alla scala which I have been considering applying for, but I'm not sure that would help me if I return to the UK would it? Is qualifying through one of the examining boards the only way to be taken seriously as a ballet teacher in the UK and how common is it for people with no experience of syllabus work to go down that route?
  5. I was just curious; if I wanted a career as a ballet teacher, would I need to have trained in modern, jazz and tap too?? I've only really studied ballet and contemporary, I'm not keen on the other styles, but would they be essential if I wanted to take a teaching qualification?
  6. BBO TEACHING QUALIFICATIONS LEVEL 3, 4 AND 6 APPLICATIONS BEING ACCEPTED FOR 2015 The British Ballet Organization (BBO) offers Level 3, 4 and 6 (degree equivalent) Teaching Qualifications in either Classical Ballet or Commercial Theatre for students aged 18+, professional dancers and teachers with monthly or long distance options for busy professional people. The next cohort will be commencing early 2015, for which we are now accepting applications. The BBO also offers various CPD opportunities throughout the year including Health, Safety and Safeguarding, and Bio-medical Considerations in Dance Teaching. For more information on the courses or CPD opportunities please email teaching.courses@bbo.org.uk, ring 0208 748 1241 or visit our website http://bbo.org.uk/training/teacher-training-and-development.php
  7. Does anyone have any feesdback regarding this Dance Course at Preston College ? Thanks in advance Lyndsay
  8. My daughter has recently received her options form to choose what she would like to take for her GCSE exams and she would like to take History, Business Studies and either Dance or PE/Sport. She's always wanted to be some sort of teacher and although she wants to take dance rather than sport, I think that sport has more open opportunities and jobs for her. I want the best for her and I see that teaching PE has more opportunities. Also, the sport programme has some aspects of dance in it too. So - I was thinking that she could take sport for GCSE and seeing as shes been taking dance classes since she was 4 and still does now, she could pick up a dance teaching course so she can teach both sport and dance after her GCSE's or A-levels. Does anyone know if she can take teacher training course for dance even if she hasn't taken it for GCSE? Hopefully her dance school does IDTA teacher grade so she doesnt have to take a seperate course. Also - she only takes ballet lessons, so could she broaden her horizions even though she hasn't taken anything else that takes exams? She would like to teach tap, jazz, gymnastics dance, irish and cheerleading or freestyle/street dance. I know thats a lot and she doesn't neccersarily have to do all of them, but could she still do some sort of teacher qualification for it even though she has never done it, or take adult classes to go through the grades then take the teacher exam? Many Thanks!!
  9. Hi all, I have done a search but not found exactly what I was looking for, only from a long time ago so wanted to find out whether it was up to date. Basically, I have a very exciting possibility that I might be able to get into teaching ballet, initially by assisting in younger children's classes, gradually moving to take over running some of them myself in a term or two. Because I don't have much experience of officially teaching ballet and for parents to know, the teacher I will be working for would like me to have (or at least be working towards) a formal teaching qualification. I also think this would be useful because it will give me a framework for the knowledge and experience I am acquiring, it will give a background into areas of dancers' health and safety as well as anatomy etc that I haven't focussed on academically before. Ideally I'd have like to to RAD's CBTS to start with as I feel like (not judging whether rightly so, but I feel it does) it opens more doors, in this country at least, but the cost is currently prohibitive to me and I also don't know whether I can commit to 2 years. I have never done any ISTD so not sure about that. It looks like the DDI would be about £500? So I will probably try to go with IDTA as one of my current teachers is registered with them as well as RAD and she is a fantastic teacher, doing a mix of free work and bringing in useful bits of various syllabi as appropriate. So my question is, how does getting the qualification work, and how much is it likely to cost? If anyone on here knows?! From what I could gather from old threads there seemed to be a couple of exams to do (Associate exams?), but assuming there is also paperwork and teaching practise. I have also sent IDTA a message and will ask my teacher tomorrow but I am greedy for fast information, especially from people who have been through it before so any insight would be lovely! SOrry for a long message and thanks!
  10. A friend has asked if I could recommend any 18 + courses at college/uni which would be suitable for teaching dance. As my dd is hoping to go down performance route I have no idea on where to look-but I am sure some of you knowledgeable folk will be able to help! The young lady in question has most of her experience in tap/ballet/modern so i assume she wants to specialise in these (though I think she would like to do contemporary too). Any pointers greatly received x
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