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  1. I want to be a dance teacher but what is it like to become a secondary dance teacher? I'm thinking about children's nursing but I'm so unsure need some advice please I've been dancing since I was 2 years old and suddenly the other day I wanted to do children's nursing but then I keep thinking about dance teaching, what do I decide??
  2. Hi there I'm 19 years old and have been dancing since I was 2 years old, I have been studying my intermediate Ballet grade for around a year now as I thought I wanted to become a dance teacher, and a have been working with children for around 3 years and the other day I decided I'd like to become a children's nurse, I love dancing but I think it will have to just be a hobby, can I still do dance as a hobby??
  3. I'm currently training to become a dance teacher, and I want to offer classes for all ages in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street, Contemporary and Cheerleading. I know running your own dance school is self employed but how can I earn a living with it? Will I need another job?? Thanks
  4. I have been working with children for 3 years and I have a level 2 in childcare which is helpful towards parents?
  5. Hi everyone I'm currently studying my IDTA associate teaching qualifications and when I've finished I would love to open up my own dance school. I just wondered like can I make my dance school my full time job? Can I afford all my bills running my business? Will I make enough money? Just need some advice please!! Thanks!!
  6. Hi there I am 19 years old and currently working at a pre-school in Northamptonshire, and I am currently doing my level 3. I love working with children but also have always wanted to open up my own dance school since I was younger. I used to do intermediate ballet idta but my dance teacher kept letting my down by cancelling lessons which really annoyed me so i stopped. Now I'm stuck I can't find anywhere where I can do dance teacher training, preferably distance learning as I don't drive and I am in full time work. I need some help and advice please!!! Thanks!
  7. Hi there I'm currently doing IDTA Intermediate Ballet (which is an equivalent entry requirement) and I'm thinking of doing the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) course? Just want to know if anyone on here has done it and what do they think of it, recommend it etc. Thanks
  8. Hi there I'm 18 years old and I'm currently doing my IDTA Intermediate Ballet and hoping to start the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) in January 2016. I just have a few questions if you any of you have done it or know people that have, thanks 1. Do you know where you have to go for the intensive study period and how long it is? 2. What do you study on the intensive study period? 3. Do people stay in hotels/apartments or do you go home? I may not be able to afford it you see If you have any more info or experience about the course please tell me, thank you
  9. I've already asked this question but a while back so I'm going to do it again. When I was younger I went to an RAD Ballet school and we did tap and modern classes non-syllabus and I have always enjoyed it that way than getting really stressed about lots of dance exams and just focusing on one seems better in my opinion. I'm not just a ballet freak I love tap, jazz, street and contemporary so much I have so many dance ideas for shows or something but I do love RAD ballet exams. So do you think an RAD dance school with just RAD ballet exams and like stage classes will be popular? Thanks everyone
  10. Hello everyone I'm currently doing my IDTA Ballet Intermediate and IDTA Associate training. I've been thinking about what I want to do after i finish my qualification like examples, opening up a dance school? teaching in schools? etc. But I do have an idea but I just don't know how it would work haha, how could I open up my own performing arts college/school? Like one of the small ones like Pattinson College in Coventry where they do a 3 year musical theatre course or similar to Dyamond Stage Academy where they do a 3 year diploma in dance and theatre arts. Could I open up my own course? I've only ever done dance and of course I would find people to employ to teach certain subjects. How could I do this? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone just thought I'd ask you for some advice and opinions on this thanks! I'm training to become a dance teacher with the IDTA and when qualified will open up my own dance school but I've never really been fond of doing dance exams myself when I was younger I've always found them quite stressful and get myself all worked up about them haha! But I've always loved choreographing dances and doing performances and I can't wait to do my own big shows I would love a competition group as well to go and perform at competitions with my choreography! Thing is most dance schools in the UK do dance exams and I don't know how my dance school would be successful if we just dos performances or something? I don't know any tips and advice? Thank you
  12. Hi there I'm doing my IDTA ballet intermediate and teacher training and was going to apply for the 'Mutually Recognised Teacher' thing with the RAD, and now there not doing it anymore! its made me so upset that's what I wanted to do in the first place! Do you know if there brining it back or something?
  13. Hi there I'm 18 yrs old and currently training to become a dance teacher with the IDTA. I'm currently learning IDTA intermediate ballet and once I've done my exam will be doing the pre-associate and associate for it. I've heard you can become an RAD teacher once I'm IDTA qualified, I don't know if this is true? I hope so! Anyway I just have a few questions to see what people think - I've done RAD ballet my whole life ever since I was 5, but I've never done tap and modern exams I've done performances in tap, modern, street etc but not exams. I know its a silly question but one day I'm going to have to make the decision, what sounds better: An RAD dance school with just ballet exams and tap and modern non-syllabus OR shall I do all the IDTA theatre associates so theres exams in IDTA ballet, tap and modern? I don't feel very confident teaching tap and modern syllabus work because I've obviously never done the exams. Which one would you rather take your child to or sounds better? Thank you
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