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Russian State Ballet and Opera's Nutcracker

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Went to see the above in Tunbridge Wells yesterday. The tickets were not cheap, £30 each. I don't really know where to begin and would be interested to hear others views. It wasn't good. All round. Costuming disappointing, dancing leaden and well, just poor. The Sugar Plum Fairy looked so bored I feel she understood what she was involved in. But nothing is worse than a dancer that does not give their all.


There were some nice dancers. One young man stood out ( think he did The Russian Dance) and about 3 young ladies but otherwise such a disappointment. I've seen various Nutcrackers and I know I'm very privileged that most of my ballet viewing is now in Munich but I felt for those who were there. Don't get me wrong many did seem to enjoy it though when the orchestra gets the loudest clap/cheer I guess others felt as I did.


Tunbridge Wells is a hard stage to have a large cast, esp with scenery but as an example a few years back I saw Moscow Ballet on the same stage and that was fine. I wasn't expecting the standard to be comparable to Munich etc but I as expecting it to be good.


Also saw Swansea Ballet Russe, not in Tunbridge Wells but in fact in an even smaller location and that was lovely.


The one thing that I think they managed well for a touring company was the tree. It grew well. No gasps from the audience but it was ok.


I'm aware I must sound a real Scrooge and I'm normally so positive about those who bring ballet to the provinces but tbh just felt so disappointed. In fact so much I've booked for myself and my daughter to see ENB, which we saw a couple of years back.


I can't get out to Munich to see their Neumeier version:-(


Apologies if this makes me seem like a grump. I should stress my knowledge of ballet is certainly not huge or technically sound.




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They are touring the country I think. South East at the moment. Been in Tunbridge Wells. Also doing Eastbourne and Hastings I think.


this is a link




Those  mouse heads!!!!!!


I really would love to hear someone else who has seen this. Have someone or saw their Romeo and Juliet and said she was cross too at their apparent boredom. So maybe not just me!

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I see.  "We aim to bring a different artist to the UK every year, which means that although you may have seen Swan Lake one year, next time the set, costumes, artists and choreography will be different. It will feel like a different show, still with the same high level of quality."


So basically there is no guarantee of who you're going to get at all.

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I saw their Swan Lake last year and there was no orchestra at the venue , Grove Theatre, Dunstable. I wouldnt have minded if it had not been billed s such.


And yes I did spend more than is usual and the lead dancer was worth every penny. But otherwise the dancers were bored and I felt my ds year 9 at WL performed better!


Whats annoying is the many theatres chose this production instead of Ballet Theatre UKs simply because they were Russian and "a quality production" to use the words from one of my local theatres.


Someone once told me that this company uses students (have no idea if this is true)but it could explain the variety of artists!


I havent seen the Moscow company but have been told that they are better!

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Apologies did not get a programme. Clara and the prince/Nutcracker were ok. SPF really let her company down and her prince was mediocre.


sadly Tunbridge Wells did choose this over UK Ballet Theatre. They have been twice and are back next year. I would have liked to see how they coped with Nutcracker given they are a small company. Do they use local dance schools? Must say I like little ones being used.


Re use of students in Russian State Ballet. Very possible. I have never seen a group of dancers whose shoulders were carried so high and so tense. The tension in their jaws was uncomfortable to watch. Now it might maybe have clarified in the programme but certainly they are not mentioned in the advertising blurb.

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