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How ridiculous!

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I needed the postal address for the Royal Opera House this afternoon. I went through the Period 3 booking brochure with what I thought was a fine-tooth comb: couldn't find it anywhere ("London, England" really doesn't cut it). So then I thought, it'll be on the back of the tickets, won't it? Nope. Yes, of course, it's on the website, but the waiting-room is in operation, which I suspect means that you can't get at it directly. I know we're all so Internet-oriented these days, but this does seem a bit daft.

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Naturally. And of course, being at work, I don't have access to things like anything on letterhead. But if they haven't actually got the address on the brochure - multiple phone lines, of course, and web addresses - that's really silly. Not to mention arguably something more.

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