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Royal Opera's new Eugene Onegin


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Well, the RO's new production of Eugene Onegin, operating almost in parallel with the Royal Ballet's Onegin, seems to have been causing some very mixed opinions: http://www.roh.org.uk/news/your-reaction-eugene-onegin


I haven't seen it yet, but I gather that quite a few Ballet.coers are going, or have been, to see it, so thoughts would be welcome.  If you can't get to Covent Garden, it's also being shown in cinemas around the country (and around the world) on 20th February. 

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Well that was interesting. The performances were fab, but I found the whole "doubles" thing a bit off-putting.


I'm not a huge opera fan but I'm trying to "give some a go". I'm glad I went, but I'm also glad I didn't spend a fortune going to the ROH ;-)

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They have actors (I presume, as they don't sing) playing young Onegin and Tatyana. Quite clever but I'm not sure I liked it - but I'll do some Youtube watching to see how others stage it as it was my first time!


And does anyone know who the dancers were (after the duel)?

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