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Liverpool recommendations, anybody?


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Sorry for the out-of-the-blue request, and apologies if this is well trodden ground, but I don't know anyone who knows the city well, just a lot of people who keep telling me it's really nice without going into specifics.


I'm spending a few days in Liverpool soon and wonder if anyone has any strong recommendations. I'll be going to the Walker and Lady Lever Art Galleries and the Freud exhibition at the Tate but that's about it so far.


At the risk of grossly offending everyone, I should probably make it clear that while I have nothing against the Beatles or Liverpool FC, nor do I have any interest in either!

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Hi Lizbie - they've also got some good collections in the World Museum just down the road from the Walker.  The Museum of Liverpool down by the Pier Head is also a good one.  Of course the Pier Head and the Albert Dock are well worth wandering around.


The Bluecoat Chambers is good for a wander around It's on School Lane down the wide street alongside Primark.  


Both the cathedrals are well worth a visit.  You can visit 2 in one go as they are at either end of Hope Street.  I'm not hugely religious but I find both of them full of peace and serenity.  There are some good restaurants up that end of town too.


St George's Hall (which is one of Prince Charles favourite buildings) but please excuse the currently abysmal state of Lime Street AKA Roadworks Central.  It is such a shambles that this year the Remembrance Day service could not be held there but was at the Cathedral instead.


During the day the Mersey Ferries don't just go across they do a sort of cruise which gives fantastic views of the Pier Head and some of the docks.  I think they last about an hour.


If you fancied some fresh air you could get the train to Waterloo or Hall Road and walk down to see the Iron Men on the beach (Sir Antony Gormley's Another Place installation) but you do need to check the tide times because they do get covered when the tide is high (you can check the times on this website).  From Waterloo you have to cross the lakeside area to get up to the sea wall and beach.  There are cafes and restaurants in the area.  From Hall Road you can get straight to the beach but it is just a residential area.


Sefton Park is also fab.  You get a train to St Michaels and then it is about a 10 minute walk including up through Lark Lane, which is full of individual restaurants and some independent shops.


Just wander around the city centre and take in the architecture - especially around the Town Hall/Castle Street area (many are listed buildings).


Restaurants - the Liverpool One terrace has my favourite Yee Rah and some chain eateries.  Bold Street has some good independent eateries.  Of course, if you like curries, Liverpool is the home of Mowgli.  The original branch is in Bold Street and the newer branch in Water Street very close to the town hall.


Theatres:  Empire, Playhouse, Everyman, Royal Court, Unity.  I'm not sure what's on at the moment.


These are just a few of my highlights.


Further afield:


Chester is only 35 minutes on the train from Liverpool.


Speke Hall is a National Trust property out by the Airport.


If you are in a car - the Lowry is well worth a visit.  Allow an hour to drive - M62, M602 and turn right at the end!  


Let me know if you want any more info.

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Can’t possibly better that list but there used to be a double decker bus to Chester which was a nice ride though took about an hour but I’m pretty sure they have a Christmas Market there as well. 
Also on the Wirral ( local train from Liverpool) is Ness Gardens well worth a visit at Neston. 
If you like Chinese food I believe Nelson Street is still the authentic place to go but it is a while since I last visited. 
Did Jan mention the Library ... great place to sit in for a while and have never quite found the right replacement for it since! 

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Jan is obviously the best person to give insider knowledge on Liverpool.


However we had a touristy weekend there a while ago and would recommend the International Slavery Museum - but don't spent too long in there...it's a bit harrowing.


On a much lighter note, we all loved The Magical Mystery Tour bus - which took us round the streets of Liverpool to see the places the Beatles grew up, met, went to school...and places that feature in some of their songs.  A bit cheesy but fun and entertaining.

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Port Sunlight was the first place I saw a Company called “Northern Dance Theatre “ which later became Northern Ballet! 
This would have been around 1971-2!! 
But I had 8 very excited girls with me who were going to see their first ballet. 
Such a happy bunch dancing back across a field or Rec to the station afterwards it always sticks in my mind. 

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Thank you all for the recommendations - managed to tick most of them off! - and I had a really great time there last week. Strongly recommended for a visit!


In case anyone else comes across this thread - a couple of other places I enjoyed that were recommended by people there were Sudley Hall (a bus ride out from the centre) and the Central Library - wonderful rotunda reading room and their copy of Audubon's Birds of America on display in a side room.

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