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Suzy Klein to be the BBC's Head of Arts and Classical Music TV

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It's very good news, overall, but I'll miss her when she leaves Essential Classics, just as I miss Sarah Walker, who always comes across as genuinely interested in many genres of music (she does now do the Sunday morning show) and whose partner creates music for a number of dance groups.


It would be great if Suzy Klein were able to commission more ballet for TV. I am currently reading through some of my ballet magazines from the '50s and early '60s and it's stunning how each month there were several ballet programmes. For instance, the June 1958 Dance and Dancers reviews (1) A Blue Rose (Peter Wright's first major ballet, cast includes the wonderful Anne Heaton and Donald MacLeary), shown on Granada.  (2) Royal Danes (BBC Children's Television; excerpts from La Sylphide plus Nutcracker- starring those Bournonville experts, Henning Kronstam and Kirsten Simone. I remember this programme, my first introduction to Bournonville.  (3) Les Sylphides, BBC, Nadia Nerina, Rowena Jackson, Julia Farron, Philip Chatfield.

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