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Central accommodation upper school Sept 2021

Juliet S

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My daughter has accepted a place at Central for September 2021.   We are currently considering accomodation,  but think the £300+ a week being quoted for places like Drapery Place will just be too expensive.   Are there any other options people are aware of?   Being 17 a lot of the cheaper options do not seem to be available to us as they need residents to be over 18.  

Is anyone else looking for accomodation currently? 


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What about homestay? I understand some girls would prefer to stay with their friends, but sometimes it is hard for families. We are bus ride from central and 15 mins from covernt garden by bus and I used to offer my daughters room; while they have been looked after by me (washing, cleaning, cooking)....
With current flight situation and my DD school still being closed, we are not sure about September so can not offer our room. But if our DD leaves, happy to offer place. Even if short stay while she finds something more suitable.
Homestay could also be a solution.

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