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Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School


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Hi all,


My DD is in the fortunate but unexpected position of receiving an offer for the 3 year diploma programme at this contemporary school. Does anybody have any knowledge of the school? 


She is 16 and definitely has a flair for contemporary/modern dance. She is a strong classic dancer but her language is contemporary and her physique suits this too.  However, she is torn between continuing along classic route until 19 and then switching to contemporary.


Does anyone have any experience they can share??? I need help - this is beyond my mothering skills and sadly her dance school had no thoughts or advice.


Thanks for your help 🙂



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I can't in any way comment on the school but I absolutely love Copenhagen!  I think it is a fabulous city.


I don't know about any funding you would get and what it would cover but when the £ plummeted a few years ago we found it an expensive city to visit.  Previously it had been cheaper for us to go to Copenhagen for a weekend of ballet watching than to go to London for the same!


What a wonderful position for your daughter to be in, whatever you finally decide.

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