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Bayerisches Staatsballett: PARADIGMA Stream

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Did anyone else see the PARADIGMA stream of the BSB? I was thrilled about the triple bill with productions from Liam Scarlett, Russell Maliphant and Sharon Eyal. Every piece in itself has its own character and speaks to a different part of the human psyche and body, but also the composition of all three together harmonizes beautifully. The stream premiere was on January 4th (unfortunately, the stream broke off a few times during the broadcast, which, however did the whole thing no harm ;))

The video on demand will still be available up until February 6th on www.staatsoper.tv, a 24h pass code costs €9.90.


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Welcome, Am_e.  Jeannette briefly commented:


On 04/01/2021 at 20:56, Jeannette said:

A lovely, substantial program from Munich...three (3) complete ballets, each between 20-30 minutes in duration. The Scarlett, which was controversial when performed by ABT in NY, was 'toned down' here, with the offensive groping parts filmed from a far distance. Bravo, Bavarian State Ballet!


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This triple bill was really good.  The music by Ori Lichtik for the second piece was mesmerising as was the dancing, choreography by Sharon Eyal.  That was the standout piece for me.  Cast of 8 were mostly corps de ballets dancers.  

With contemporary triple bills, it’s often a mixed bag of pieces and I don’t always like all three.   These were all different and I enjoyed them all.


The first by Russell Maliphant was originally made for Sylvie Guillem.  Soloist Jeanette Kakareka (previously ENB) did well partnered by Jonah Cook (RBS trained) and Jinhao Zhang (ENBS and ENB before Munich).


The final piece by Liam Scarlett to Rachmaninov did not have whatever moves were previously highly criticised at a prior version for ABT.  It was enjoyable if not highly memorable.  The cast were all principals and first soloists including ex-ENB dancers Lauretta Summerscales, Emilio Pavan and Jinhao Zhang.  

The cast for the final piece also includes Ksenia Ryzhkova who for me is the lead principal in Munich.  She is only 26 and has been a principal in Munich since 2016, and at the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow before that.  Worth seeing if you can.  


Full performance details here...




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Another travel to watch Shale Wagman perform brought me again from Berlin to Munich last weekend. Thankfully I don’t need to travel to London or St. Petersburg anymore to see him perform. So this time (after "Blizzard" in May) I went to see the  „Paradigma“ evening. I liked the evening, but have to say that Broken Fall" is too sportive/gymnastics for my gusto, but hats off to the dancers, that was amazing, strong and impressive Jeanette Kakareka, Jonah Cook and Jinhao Zhang. I was especially grateful to see „With a chance of rain“, created by the late Liam Scarlett. What a loss for the ballet world... Especially the final innovative beautiful  pas de deux blew me away, an exquisite performance by Madison Young and her partner (I believe it was Emilio Pavan). I also enjoyed the live piano playing by ballet pianist Dmitry Mayboroda very very much, he played with great empathy.


My personal highlight was Bedroom folk: I love Sharon Eyal’s work, Berlin Staatsballett performs her „Strong“ and „Half life“ and it always blows my mind and pulls me into a strangely inspiring state of mind.  I also saw her „Killer pig“ some time ago, her international breakthrough as a choreographer, it was masterfully performed by Gauthier Dance Company here in Berlin. So I was very much looking forward to see „Bedroom folk“ for the first time, and enjoyed this piece as well.


I love the many different layers of emotions and movements Eyal and Lichtik wove together in this piece. Like the program says, it seems to be difficult for the individual to escape a group they belong to. To dance the many monotonous movements to an also quite monotonous music (by Ori Lichtik) as simultaneously as possible is certainly a great challenge for the 8 dancers. They all  succeeded very well. During the 30 minutes piece, only 2 dancers manage to break out of the peer pressure for some time, one of them is Shale Wagman. His solo was breathtaking. What a stage presence!! If I may say so: breakneck leaps alternated with seductive movements, danced with his impressive flexibility, verve and devotion as if there is no tomorrow. What a joy it always is to see him perform!!

I am very happy that "Jewels" will soon be on the programme of the Bavarian State Ballet, in which he will certainly shine just as brilliantly, in the truest sense of the word. Followed by Cinderella. 

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