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Bayerisches Staatsballett: PARADIGMA Stream

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Did anyone else see the PARADIGMA stream of the BSB? I was thrilled about the triple bill with productions from Liam Scarlett, Russell Maliphant and Sharon Eyal. Every piece in itself has its own character and speaks to a different part of the human psyche and body, but also the composition of all three together harmonizes beautifully. The stream premiere was on January 4th (unfortunately, the stream broke off a few times during the broadcast, which, however did the whole thing no harm ;))

The video on demand will still be available up until February 6th on www.staatsoper.tv, a 24h pass code costs €9.90.


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Welcome, Am_e.  Jeannette briefly commented:


On 04/01/2021 at 20:56, Jeannette said:

A lovely, substantial program from Munich...three (3) complete ballets, each between 20-30 minutes in duration. The Scarlett, which was controversial when performed by ABT in NY, was 'toned down' here, with the offensive groping parts filmed from a far distance. Bravo, Bavarian State Ballet!


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