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RAD APP on a laptop


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Can anyone help please with some technology troubles lol 

ive downloaded the rad syllabus app and purchased inter F for my son on IPhone is there any way of putting it onto a bigger screen?   Our tv is 10 years old so not a smart tv either and I’ve got a Hp laptop so a bit confused if we can get it on a larger screen 

thank you  

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22 hours ago, drdance said:

The RAD app only works on iphones/ipads not laptops sadly!


as they would like you to purchase the DVD  for use on computers / Television   ( even though fewer and fewer comouters come with optical drives any longer ) 

much the same as the only way to  get the music is the app , dvd  or the  cd - no digitla download or streaming available 

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21 hours ago, BellaF said:

Buy the DVD? Maybe if you explained the situation they would let you off set the cost against the app you've already purchased.

unlikely to  offer any discount  and  the member discounts only kick on once you have passed Inter and upgraded ! 

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