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Mariinsky Ballet Giselle (Diana Vishneva, Mathieu Ganio)

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Absolutely loved the Mariinsky Ballet's Giselle, top quality dancing by Diana Vishneva, Mathieu Ganio and the entire company, my join favourite production of the ballet along with Sir Peter Wright's for The Royal Ballet, so glad they put up a 2016 performance of it on their YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XJZTf4zHlA


It was nice to see it in HD quality as I only have on DVD a 1980s performance (with the amazing Galina Mezentseva, Konstantin Zaklinsky and Tatyana Terekhova) so like the costumes looked faded but in the 2016 version you could see all the pretty detailing in the costumes and the scenery as well.


Not familiar with Diana Vishneva but she was wonderful as Giselle, conveyed innocence and happiness in the first act and then was very ethereal in the second act and Mathieu Ganio was extremely elegant as Albrecht


 Yekaterina Ivannikova as Myrtha was also good, all business and pretty unforgiving plus excellent dancing.

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40 minutes ago, zxDaveM said:

Highlight for me was Renata Shakirova (I think) in the act 1 peasant pdd. She was terrific!


I wouldn't say that she was 'my' highlight, but she was excellent. I remember during one of the 'Bolshoi' television contests (not related to the Bolshoi Company) that Farouk Ruzimatov, famous dancer and judge, said that she performed some sequence that he’d never seen a woman able to do before. She's also one of my favourite 'Mariinsky Sweethearts' along with the rapidly emerging Maria Iliushkina. They both radiate like smiling sunshine. 


Mathieu Ganio -- the French Xander Parish ? Either of them could just stand there and be a success, they're so handsome. And very fine dancers.  


I liked Igor Kolb as Hans. I remember the early days of Diana Vishneva when she was more the 'cosmic athlete' and Igor Kolb, her partner in Alexei Ratmansky's "Cinderella', would keep her from flying off the stage into the audience (it seemed).

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