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Bayerische Staatsoper at home


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They've resumed their Monday evening concerts starting 1915 out time. Last night opened with a Handel aria sung in memory of Peter Jonas, continued with a Mozart piano quartet and finished with Schumann's Dichterliebe sung by Jonas Kaufmann. All very informal, short introduction only in German, but thoroughly enjoyable. I'll be watching this one again - it's available for the a week.

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4 hours ago, Jan McNulty said:



1 hour ago, Jan McNulty said:

Thanks BBB.  Autocorrect is such a pain.  I once tweeted about someone whose surname was Goldsmith.  I didn't notice before I hit the send button that it had been autocorrected to Golldfish!!  Fortunately, it was taken in good part.

And I've had some slightly embarrassing corrections, particularly when trying to type foreign words!

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