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Does Merle Ayres mean anything to anyone?

York UK beginner

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Probably a thread for admins. here to delete in due course if draws a blank over a couple of weeks but I was just curious if a lady called Merle Ayres was known or more properly remembered (she died very late 80s or very early 90s, I forget the precise year) by anyone here?  It might be she was 'nobody' in particular but, having lived next door to her in the 80s through to her death I was aware that she would fly off all over the world examinging ballet including eg. Argentina so it ocurred to me, albeit only now, that of course you don't get to do that ... as opposed to assessing primary school girls in a local village hall ... if you're not of some standing or expertise?  Did I unwittingly live next door to someone famous??  RAD drew a blank, by the way, understandably through time ... and less understandably citing GDPR guff.

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clarification as to enquiries already made
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Could you clarify.... did this clearly important lady die in the 1880’s/90’s or did you mean she died recently aged in her 80’s/90’s? 

Certainly sounds as though she were with a body such as RAD/ISTD/BBO/Cecchetti/

With the RAD celebrating their centenary I should’ve thought that they’d be a little more helpful....perhaps you need to ask to speak to a person more involved with media or post on their social media? 

Hope you get some info.... here is prob a good place to try! 

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Just what I was going to say Taxi! The amount of emails I send to examiners who don’t go by the same name in their professional life. I don’t think the bbo is as far reaching as Argentina, but maybe the IDTA is an organisation to add to the list. 

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44 minutes ago, York UK beginner said:

Just seen the replies, I thought this site generated email alerts.  Anyhow, yes, looking back I see it was ambiguous.  Died late 1980s or early 1990s.


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