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RCS Glasgow (Modern Ballet Summer School)


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Dd did 2 weeks, so did a bit of cooking in the shared kitchen and ate out a bit. They seem to cluster all of the dancers together at Liberty - the girls she shared a kitchen with were all doing the same summer course. There are loads of cheap places to eat nearby. When dd went there were a few of the full time students also doing the summer school and they were very friendly and took the visitors out to their favourite places a few times. 

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22 hours ago, Mamaderuby said:

Hopefully the other girls will inspire my daughter to cook a bit or she will be limited to toast, salad and mug cakes! Thanks again.


As a cook I am very boring as I am not interested and basically just have no imagination.


Don't laugh but I have recently discovered the joys of tins of chopped tomatoes (or preferably the little boxes you can get them in now).  Quick sauce for pasta - just add maybe some peppers or onions, "easy garlic", oregano, basil, pepper and (if you like a little heat) crushed chillis.  The sauce can be done while the pasta cooks.


Quick Moroccan-inspired stew - "easy garlic", harissa, paprika, moroccan seasoning, chilli flakes if you want, onions or peppers or both, chopped tomatoes, chickpeas.  This takes 10 minutes tops.


Substitute garam masala, chillis, coriander and lentils for chickpeas for a quick daal.


The joys of chopped tomatoes and the other items is that they are all store-cupboard ingredients.


Seriously though, could you coach your daughter through some quick simple meals just in case...

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Yes. I will have to!  Her older sister (22) is a fantastic cook, but Ruby, at nearly 16, is part of the "just eat" generation with her own account (linked to my credit card). I will teach her a few simple recipes, maybe she will discover a love of cooking to match her love of eating.

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