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Farewell from John Mallinson

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John's family, and the forum moderators, are delighted to share with you this very witty little ditty that John wrote when we were transitioning from ballet.co.uk to balletcoforum.  Having done the daily links for a long time, he thought he was finally getting rid of them for good.  Be careful what you wish for, dear John!  With thanks to Belinda Taylor, who shared this with us, and the Mallinson family, for agreeing to share it with all of you.  The final few words are very poignant.



In memoriam Today’s Links

January 2012  - last day ever tomorrow and it falls to me. I think I have to finish it off with a bit of a flourish so am thinking of concluding with a spoof (of a spoof).  Will anyone get it? Is it at all amusing?  It isn’t finished.

So. Farewell
Today’s Links.

No more aubades
The Patriot Ledger
Gay City News.

No more of
Clement's crisps
Before breakfast.

No more
You are now


Stir crazy
Or demob happy
That's me.

No crocodile tears.
I will
Sleep in
Each morning.

You're on your own.

With apologies to Private Eye and E.J. Thribb, aged 17½


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I love his send up of the Critics. What a man - so many talents and such dedication to the art form he loved. I will always feel very thankful for his commitment  to doing the links, you learn so much from reading them. Readers and contributors to balletcoforums and its predecessor owe him so much. Thanks to his family for sharing him with us over the years.

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