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  1. End to end pure poetry, what a delight to see Ashton in all his glory. Thank you Sarasota for keeping his legacy alive and kicking.
  2. I love his send up of the Critics. What a man - so many talents and such dedication to the art form he loved. I will always feel very thankful for his commitment to doing the links, you learn so much from reading them. Readers and contributors to balletcoforums and its predecessor owe him so much. Thanks to his family for sharing him with us over the years.
  3. Just thought I would remind everyone that this fab fundraising Gala is on in just over a week (Sunday 28th Sept). Tickets are available from Sadler's Wells. Your support will help dancers, whose careers are threatened by injury, find specialist treatment and support for rehabilitation. It should be a great night.
  4. This is a fantastic line up of superb dancers and interesting choreography. It will be a great evening for a wonderful charity, that helps and supports injured dancers. I have just purchased tickets and the seat prices are very reasonable for such an illustrious cast. Hope to see some other balletcoers there.
  5. Young boy from Central is Max Maslem. I remember him and his teacher at the Yorkshire Ballet seminars about 7 or 8 years ago. His teacher spoke to me and said one day he would be a really good dancer. She had already given early years training to a couple of Royal Ballet male dancers, Thomas Whitehead being one so she knew what she was talking about. Max obviously had early potential as she said she felt sure he would make it as a professional. she also complimented my daughter but added the wise words" that it was far from easy for girls". It was concerning that Max was the only UK born contestant as ENB school sent only none UK students. I don't think any other UK schools entered contestants which is surprising given the relatively close Swiss location.
  6. Janet may I echo your view that these events enhance understanding and provide illuminating insights into productions. I too, thought it was a remarkable and enjoyable evening. David Nixon was particularly informative about the quality of movement he looked for in his Butterfly and in doing so explored the way American and Japanese people move. He also paid his wife some lovely compliments as she is both Japanese and a former principal dancer. In short the perfect coach for the role.
  7. The links have been an illuminating window on the international world of dance whether it be Australia, New York or Manchester. They have educated, informed and widened my knowledge - long may they continue.
  8. Thanks for this reminder Alison. I would encourage anyone who has not tried a balletic cinema experience to go for it! I enjoyed the two Bolshoi live broadcasts I have seen at FACT in Liverpool very much and plan to go to as many as possible this year.
  9. It's rare to find oneself in full agreement when awards are handed out and also to be impressed by the range of dance covered. Absolutely delighted to see Scottish Ballet recognised and congratulations to both Ashley Page and Sophie Martin - she was stunning in Song of the Earth as was the whole company. Also delighted to see Daria, Gary and David Bintley receive awards, again richly deserved. Thanks to John Ross for the wonderful photos that captured a great occasion.
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