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My dd is finishing this year as off to Elmhurst full time from September in year 7. Group 2 has a range of ages from year 4 to year 7. Really lovely girls and we have loved the past 2 years going 18 sunday mornings a year. My dd says the class is quite challenging compaired to other associate/classes she does. We will truely miss Tring x

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13 hours ago, Curlypearl said:

Thank you, my daughter successfully auditioned last week and we’ve also found out this week she’s been offered a yr 6 RBS JA place. We are just trying to decide if it’s worth her doing both! 

Congratulations to your daughter on gaining places on both schemes.

Definitely worth doing both if you can manage it in my opinion. 

Your daughter will gain so much, but completely different things from each programme. Also MA place at year 7 is not guaranteed so will be good to still have Tring CBA place to carry on with as I believe Tring do not (generally) assess out of the CBA. Although there are assessments at the end of each year. 


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I agree.  My dd did Central Preps/Pre-Seniors and added in Tring CBA from around Year 9, if I remember correctly.   She adored Miss Samaai who is such a wonderful teacher.  It’s well worth doing both if you can juggle it, especially as Tring CBA is only 6 Sundays per term. 

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