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Make up for 12 year old doing first photo shoot


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Hello Domino,


I've added the tag "makeup"  to your thread.  If you click on that a number of threads come up that may have useful advice not only for now but the future.


Does the tutu indicate a character eg Kitri or Aurora or Odette?  That could influence how you apply the eye shadows/liner and even lip colour.


Could her teacher offer you any advice?

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What is your photo shoot for? Is it in a studio, theatre or on location? 

Check out Instagram for ideas too, I take a lot of photos for my dd who is 12. 

My dd does own make up, we tend to avoid eyeliner, blue eye shadow (stick to neutral tones), concealer, mascara, touch of bronzer/ blush and just a tinted vasaline for lips. Natural fresh look. 

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