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  1. https://www.dancinginthestreet.com/Catalogue/Accessories/Dance-Bags/Tendu-T1029-Senior-Ballet-Bag
  2. What is your photo shoot for? Is it in a studio, theatre or on location? Check out Instagram for ideas too, I take a lot of photos for my dd who is 12. My dd does own make up, we tend to avoid eyeliner, blue eye shadow (stick to neutral tones), concealer, mascara, touch of bronzer/ blush and just a tinted vasaline for lips. Natural fresh look.
  3. My daughter is narrow, wearing Grishko Maya 1 fitted by http://www.straighttothepointe.net/ good fitter comes to home or dance school. Offers darning service if need.
  4. It’s a new GCSE Course it’s not on Website yet!
  5. Yes just straps has 2 loops for rolled mat with shoulder strap. re knickers my daughter finds them comfortable always wears for any dance class. Just need to find brand that works for you. I don’t think she liked the recommended ones. I couldn’t tell you which ones she uses, she picks them and adds to my basket! I just pay! 😂
  6. We were London, everyone had a mat and a small hand towel. A mat seem more comfortable for exercises, especially when on knees! If you go for a towel you can get yoga non slip ones, which my dd used occasionally, if we were going out striaght after class. (But preferred carrying a mat and being comfortable.) Mat straps, over mat bag preferred as quicker and easier to put away.
  7. Thanks at Balletmum20 I have an extremely happy dd.
  8. In shock! We got that call today! My dd has been offered a MDS Year 8 place, off reserve waiting list today for Tring. Thank you you all for your support over last couple of years on forum, couldn’t have done it with out your support and advice. We are so happy, keep going it does happen. Good Luck
  9. My dd is an Associate here, and has been taught by Mark for just over 3 years. Great teacher, very supportive and knows how to get the best from his dancers. Although my daughter is a late starter to ballet, has made fantastic progress, while under his training, getting to White Lodge finals for year 8!
  10. https://www.cambridgeballetacademy.co.uk/btec-diploma New Course for 16+ My dd is an Associate at above. Has been training with Mark Swann for 3 years. Would recommend very good teacher.
  11. We have our MA assessment this week. So possible a week or 2 before you here.
  12. Tring Final MDS results are out, unfortunately my dd didn’t get a MDS and is on reserve list, when I called to find out number on list was told some in front some below her name. So not holding breath on this one. Only 10 MDS available. Back to normality for a while before getting back on the audition roller coaster again. Congratulations to the Yes’s and big love to the No’s keep going!
  13. It’s great news to get an offer, it shows she’s got what it takes! Keep going dd! If it doesn’t happen for us this year, we will keep trying too, unfortunately we are not in the position to accept without funding either, which dd understands, unless we have that lotto win!
  14. Sorry for your DS, well done for your Elmhurst Final. My dd was so upset not getting Elmhurst finals year 8. We got WL finals, but a no result, so her Tring finals has given her a much needed boost. Good luck for your DS next week, go smash it!
  15. Has anyone had results yet for Tring Dance Course Audition from last week?
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