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  1. BOA is a great option to combine an A level albeit limited choice whilst doing dance/ MT as it keeps lots of options open post 18 and I understand that places are very sought after! BOA by day and outside dance by night would be a tall order however! I know students that have studied at BOA and all have settled and enjoyed their time there! If your DD has great dance training out of school then that could well be enough to achieve her dream of MT at 18 but you’d need to consider if juggling 3 A levels plus dance out of school would prove to be too much, on reflection my Dd found A levels and outside dance almost too much!
  2. If keeping future options as wide open as possible is important then go the A level route with A level dance in the mix, my DD did this plus her usual out of school dance classes and had offers for Primary Ed and dance degrees. If dance at 18plus is the main plan for your DD then a BTEC Dance course might give her the extra boost she needs to get into some of the most well established 18plus dance courses such as Laban or Rambert! Reflecting on my daughters journey it wasn’t easy combining the demands of the academics with dance but at the time it seemed like a good idea!
  3. My DD had endless trouble getting pointe shoes to last! I would also recommend Shelia at Just Ballet as through her we found that Russia pointe was a great match with the custom made options! A friend recommended Bob Martin at Bloch London for custom made shoes if that’s any help but I believe you’d need to book well in advance!
  4. I was watching my DD at dance college a few weeks ago, a sort of watching day for parents and teachers. I’m still chuckling over a comment made by the modern teacher as the students began their Adv 2 modern adage exercise, she said if ever there was an exercise to show parents where all their investment of money and time had gone for their dancing offspring then this was it! 😂 no pressure for those students then! 🙈
  5. Preston has two dance shops both within easy walking distance from the train station
  6. Clarkd3

    Move It 2019

    My eldest DD got a photo with him! 😊
  7. Clarkd3

    Move It 2019

    We saw Jordan on main stage, my DD loves the next step so was well happy, star struck by seeing the greatest dancer acts too! Acropad session was fun but need to get our act together next year and book some classes! Yes great dance wear, DD went off to buy some shorts in pineapple and felt very grown up! 😉
  8. Clarkd3

    Move It 2019

    Hello just wondered whether anyone made it to Move It this year? Any good dance classes, celebrities spotted, dance/ MT colleges that impressed? I went with my middle DD and think she drained the stalls of all freebies inc a yellow duck! 😂 She got very excited at seeing various famous people and I just loved the people watching plus watching my eldest DD dance college perform!
  9. I’ve just remembered about a girl I know who has been at BOA ( Birmingham based) for her 16-18 course, she combined the MT pathway with an A level in media studies, decided that MT long term wasn’t for her and has an unconditional offer for uni studying creative journalism, BOA has a dance pathway too so it may be worth a look
  10. If you can find her somewhere where she comes out with a degree as well then there will always be other doors open to her, my DD has primary education in mind as her back up plan to dance performance/ teaching
  11. Preston’s College Dance ( PCD) offers funded 3yr pro dance training for 16-19yrs plus a 3 yr dance degree that runs concurrently for 18-21yrs with usual student loan funding. It is possible to move across to the degree if the student achieves good grades and demonstrates the right aptitude to learning! It might be worth looking at this option as it involves no ‘A levels’ but intermediate dance plus audition as a rough guide to entry requirements. The students all come out with DDE dance teaching qualifications as well as opportunity to audition for cruise ships etc 😊
  12. It may be worth you talking to Andrew Hindley at PCD, Preston College Dance as they have a full BA dance degree plus pro dance training. I believe AH is very accommodating to different people’s circumstances and may be able to help you access more training plus you’d be eligible for further student loans if you only did one year of your previous degree. Most of the students leave with either teaching jobs or contracts on cruise ships/ hotel chains if that helps!
  13. My DD’s teacher is an RAD examiner and she is more interested in the work presented rather than the colour of leotard or style of shoe, intermediate upwards being the exception as soft blocks are an essential requirement at that level
  14. Thank you, I’ll follow these suggestions up! 😊
  15. Hi I’m looking for recommendations for dance physios in the North West England as my DD is away at dance college in Preston, has a foot injury and would benefit from some expertise! Many thanks 😊
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