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  1. Clarkd3

    Next September?

    My DD dance college has big concerns for a proper return in September! Large class sizes, Changing rooms, studio waiting areas, physical dance contact, studio hygiene ( barres, floor ) non effective air con plus the Issues around maintaining 2M distance as dancers can’t even remain in the same air space! It’s one big nightmare and boarding students bring even more issues! Then as a parent I worry about job opportunities going forward! 😳
  2. Ooh following, I used to attend adult ballet but I’ve had to stop due to ankle pain from quote ‘old foot bones’ causing my foot to over pronate! Now wearing orthotic insoles and advised to wear supportive trainers at all times! I’d love to return to ballet but I’m wary as ballet shoes are so flat!
  3. PCD in Preston might be worth a look, it runs a fully funded 16-19 professional dance course plus full 3 yr degree course. The students cover istd syllabus in tap, modern and ballet plus jazz, contemporary, lyrical, commercial etc. They get the chance to gain teaching qualifications too! Think the students are encouraged to get involved in MT but it’s a very small part of the course! Its a flourishing venue for dance training but quite small and nurturing on the scheme of things x
  4. I began the thread to help my DD as she was struggling with a suitable topic to focus on. Reading all your anicdotes was fascinating to hear what we all know! My DD hasn’t made any decisions on what type of research she wants to do, it was simply to gather ideas and I’m sure she will be well supported by her tutors during the process! Feel free to carry on posting any ideas though, it’s all interesting stuff! 😊
  5. Thank you, that’s really helpful x
  6. Hi any thoughts on a dissertation subject that is loosely based around the benefits of dance teaching to students but with a particular slant that’s not been done to death before like the elderly or mental health Thank you in advance 😊
  7. Preston College Dance offers a 3 yr degree course from 18 but with the option to join from 16 on the fully funded pro dance course then at 18 transfer onto the degree course! ! Big ISTD focus plus teaching qualifications but the students do well finding work on completion with cruise companies etc!
  8. There’s a second dance shop in Preston called Strictly dance too x
  9. Preston College Dance offer a full 3 year BA in dance, teaching and choreography with the main focus on ISTD grades and ISTD teaching qualifications. This coming academic year I believe they’re able to offer the RTS RAD qualification too so that might be worth a look at! 😊
  10. BRB are advertising for applicants for their internship programme, sounded really interesting!
  11. Thank you all so much for your thoughts, it seems very confusing but basically she needs an umbrella organisation to do the DBS and sign up for the renewal scheme? Any thoughts on the umbrella scheme....does the ISTD offer anything?
  12. Hello, I’m looking for some advice re DBS. My DD will be in her third year of dance training come September but this year has gained her DDE’s in modern and tap. She lives away from home and already has began to pick up teaching work at different dance schools. She had just got a volunteer DBS as a licensed chaperone for her home address but I gather this won’t cover her for her intermittent dance teacher work. Any advice on how she can get a suitable DBS as she doesn’t belong to a particular dance school and is still a dance student at present. Ps her teachers didn’t seem to know either!
  13. Jon Applegate is fantastic, based in Ware, Hertfordshire with his own studio, he’s got a website and FB page if you want to look at what he does!
  14. BOA is a great option to combine an A level albeit limited choice whilst doing dance/ MT as it keeps lots of options open post 18 and I understand that places are very sought after! BOA by day and outside dance by night would be a tall order however! I know students that have studied at BOA and all have settled and enjoyed their time there! If your DD has great dance training out of school then that could well be enough to achieve her dream of MT at 18 but you’d need to consider if juggling 3 A levels plus dance out of school would prove to be too much, on reflection my Dd found A levels and outside dance almost too much!
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