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Raymonda - live broadcast from the Mariinsky Monday, 28.5.2018

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At this time of year, Western Europe is only 1 hour behind St Petersburg  time, and the UK only 2 hours. As I write this, it’s about 6:30 pm in London, 8:30 pm in St Petersburg. (Russia does not participate in daylight savings time.)

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I watched this it was nice but I think I preferred Nureyev's version which I saw in Vienna last month. Some of the relay was a bit stilted at times which I hope smooths out in the recorded viewing. Tereshkina was very good but I'm not convinced of Parish though. 

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The Nureyev version is my favourite. The Georgiadis designs are splendid. I see the the Munich Staatsballet start their run of the Ray Barra version of Raymonda on Friday, 1 June. I am not familiar with that production.


The decision of Fateyev (presumably) to cast Parish in the broadcast version was not that popular locally it seems, judging by comments from Russian ballet fans..  No issue taken With Tereshkina, although the best Raymonda is probably Novikova who continues to be given lead roles sparingly, much to the chagrin of her many admirers. 

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