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Muse à Muse Festival, Lagrasse, July 27 & 28

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This is the second iteration of this mini-festival organised by Johanna Adams Farley, Senior Stage Manager of the Royal Ballet.


It's an ambitious gala-type project, staged for only two nights, with performances by seven Royal Ballet Principals, four First Soloists, two Soloists, plus music staff. The venue is the small village of Lagrasse in the Corbières region of southern France - more details presumably available on request. Sounds wonderful.


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Oh it looks so beautiful out there. I can just about imagine how beautiful it must be to see the RB dancers performing in the open air (but performances start so late...). I noticed the Saturday Swan Lake performance in Madrid starts at 22:00!  (That means Naghdi will have to do her fouettees around midnight  :( )

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Open air performances usually start late so that it is dark and cooler.

I think that theatres in Spain quite often have two latish shows on a Saturday: 17.00hrs and 22.00hrs. But that RB Swan Lake is a big ask for the cast (and for the several RB supporters who are travelling to see the Company perform).

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