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How to stiffen a half tutu?


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I have bought DD a new costume, and it is gorgeous, with a half tutu on the side. ( Weissman Americano ) Only problem is, is that the tutu bit is a bit floppy and lacklustre! ( unlike the weissman photo! ) I don't want or need it to stick out like a pancake, but at the moment it just looks droopy! It is quite a fine net and I am vaguely toying with the idea of adding a few sequins to the net to add to the sparkle, but I don't want it to droop any more!


a friend suggested hair spray or liquid starch ... but I'm not sure exactly how/which/where!


any ideas?



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Hope you get it sorted Pixiewoo. I haven't bought from that particular manufacturer myself, but have order costumes in the past from another well known US company and have had similar experiences with the actual garments not living up to the promise of the photos - especially tutu skirts! I've found that tacking the layers together helps a bit, but not sure it would work for your style. Good luck - these things are rather frustrating.

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Keep it hung upside down including in the steamy bathroom and give it a blast with a hairdryer to give it a bit more oomph (nice costume, I googled it as you gave the name, I don’t think it wants spray starch but you could use some when you hairdry it). 

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