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Audition Photo Question


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It's nearly that time again!? đŸ˜±đŸ˜­


i was wondering if it is acceptable to ask your Associate teacher to take the audition photos? I adore my ballet teacher, but I feel like the photos do not picture me in the best light, my legs and body always look a little short and chunky, my legs look a little bent and my turnout bad! I once shot some with my mum who got frustrated by the amount of time it took to take one single picture, but looked better. But the only suitable room we have at home is carpet-ed... Is that a no-no? 

Looking at the pictures taken by the Associate teacher, they all look beautiful! 


i don't want to be rude or upset anybody though! 

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I have every sympathy with your mum! I hate taking dd's photos! I have picked up some good tips from this forum though - for example  the photographer should be seated  as the angle is more flattering, and take a burst (especially for the dreaded developpe) so you can choose the best one. Worth searching the forum 😊. Good luck - and be kind to your mum if she gets stuck with the job (it's no fun!).

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Another option to ask a busy teacher, is if they would be willing to select the best poses from a series of images that you send them.

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