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Should I change dance studios?


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I've actually been considering this for quite a while but I've been dancing at my current studio for a long time and I'm not sure if I would regret the change. My current studio is one of the more professional studios out there in my city and the teachers are quite amazing, but I always thought the progress was really slow (unless you decided to take academic classes there too, like an actual pre-professional school, which I didn't). However, this year I was planning on taking RAD 5 (which also means pointe for me!) but the time interfered with another dance class I did. And when I asked them if it was possible to change the times of the classes, they said, no they couldn't, but they could let me take RAD 4 and depending on my progress, I would be able to skip RAD 5 next year and go straight to Inter. Foundation.

I was really disappointed because I was excited to finally go on pointe, which generally happens in 5 and never earlier. (My mom isn't really happy about dropping a level, either, and she doesn't believe I will actually be able to skip a level.) So that's when I decided that maybe I should change studios and find a class would suit my needs, but that's scary and stressful and I don't want to sacrifice quality just so I could take the class I wanted.


tldr; I was dropped a level because class times interfered and now I'm considering if I should stay hang in there for a year or just switch studios now

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Depends how much you like it there hun. You could always make enquiries round to see if the other schools have any better times classes, it won't hurt then you'll have all the information to make an informed decision.

We live in a little village so don't have a choice of school! I took my DS to an audition for an associate programme yesterday so we could attempt to broaden his knowledge but that will be a 2 hour commute each way if he's lucky enough to get in.

The other thing you could do is go watch a class. As a spectator you may pick on things you like/don't like about the place. Finally don't worry too much about grades, I skiped grades 3-5 and started back on inter years ago and had a successful career for a good 5 years till I was 22, only hampered by injury. Good luck with your decision...????? xxx

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Hi @gracez


My DD skipped BBO grade 3 without any issues. Well, that's not entirely true. She went through the syllabus so fast, the teacher moved her up without being formally assessed at grade 3. So skipping grades is possible.

Teachers make tough decisions about the direction of their schools and the mix of classes they teach all the time. They have the conflicting needs of many students to meet - the ability to do this is called 'differentiation'. Sometimes their options for differentiation are limited (available space and time etc.) and they can't please everyone. Try not to take it personally, but at the same time, keep checking that your needs are being met.

I would advise you to consider a lot of other things apart from grade... Is the teacher developing you as a dancer - physically, technically and artistically? Do the other dancers in your class support and encourage you? Your peers can be as important as your teacher. Are you getting enjoyment from your classes? Grades may seem to be the priority, but the whole package has to be considered.

Saying that, my DD recently changed schools, and it was a very difficult decision for her to take. Her previous school ticked many boxes, but she recently told me that she's made the right decision. Good luck with yours. I hope this has helped.

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9 hours ago, Picturesinthefirelight said:

There is no pointe work in Grade 5 or do you mean that once a student reaches grade 5 you are allowed to attend pointe class. 



yes, for us, pre-pointe is offered in grade 4 (which I've been taking) and in grade 5 we can attend pointe classes

I don't know why they won't take it earlier especially because my teacher thinks I'm ready but I guess it's just one of the studio's policies.

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10 hours ago, sarahw said:

Gracez can I ask how old are you? Are you in the UK? Is dancing recreational for you or a possible career? How long have you been dancing?

I'm in Canada, 13 and for 5 years, and I'm competitive but it probably won't become a professional career.

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I agree that going to watch at another school may help you decide. What is the class you do that clashes with RAD5?


If this is otherwise a great school you may decide that on balance it's best to stay . Do you feel you are treated as an individual and your needs assessed as such?

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