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Emma northmore

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I am delighted to announce that on Sunday 2nd April 2017 BBA will be holding auditions for entry in to the Ballet Boost Associate programme in September 2017.


Sunday April 2nd 2017

Rambert School in Twickenham

Apply via www.balletboost.com - online application form with Photo requirements.

OR email emmanorthmore@yahoo.com for queries.


Ages 7/8 to 19 across at least 4 levels which will possibly be expanding for September 17.

Vocational level classes with a strong thread of anatomy. Please be aware this is a scheme for those dedicated to achieving a high level of training working alongside their current classes. Running on alternate Sundays (with a weekly option from September.)


www.balletboost.com for more detailed information

07958 725862 for worried/confused parents!!

Feedback and assessments will be given.


Fantastic Teachers

Amazing Studios

Wonderful Pianists

International Vocational Level Training - Exciting times for the future of Ballet  :)  


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My daughter attended the audition today but seemed to be grouped with much older children. Can anyone tell me how the classes were organised? She did not know a lot of the steps and came out feeling quite resigned. She is 10yo and does Grade 4

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Hello, I went on the grade of a child and your daughter was on the cut off age.

As she was grade 4 I put her in the group of ages 10 - 13. Some of the girls were very tall. In any audition the class will leave some under challenged and some over as we are really looking at the physicality of a child and their potential to train well. Its a shame she felt resigned as I never wish that to happen but if I had put her with the 8 year olds at grade 1/2 I am sure you would have felt she was in the wrong group too?!

Please do contact me if you wish to discuss this further. Its an audition process that unfortunately is never going to keep everyone happy and if they are not used to learning free work, can make it seem hard. 

Hope this helps x

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Thank you for the reply. Wow I can't believe it they are so tall for 13! It helps to know why they were in the same group and I will explain that to her. I think she was just a bit in awe of how well they all danced. 

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