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Summer/Easter ballet school


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I very sorry if this already been made as a formula!

Is there any really good ballet summer schools or Easter course that any of you recommend? Summer schools in England mainly round Birmingham but don't mind travelling to London or anywhere else . One last thing this isn't relevant to this subject but does anyone have any tips to stop a sickle foot (i do theraband stretches ) .

Thank you sorry it's really long !

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The Dance Forward course is amazing, dancers like Federico Bonelli and Sarah Lamb teach it! They only do a few days, non-residential, and I know it's not really near Birmingham! (London). About the sickling, I had troubles with this too, my teacher just told me to practise perfect alignment. I did the good toes, naughty toes stretch focusing on 'winging' my feet (turning the top of the foot out from the ankle) and did a lot of long tendus really working your foot and not sickling. Eventually sickling will be gone!

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Hi There


We are running our all inclusive live-in, exclusive International Summer School in Kent again. We have 2 Principals Weeks this year:-



We have Edward Watson MBE (Principal RBC teaching 2 days), Hope Keelan (RBS), David Yow (Elmhurst) and Anita Young (RBS) on our first week. We only have 3 places left on this course.


Our Second week see Edward back again for 2 days, Anita Young and the Royal Ballet Master Ricardo Cervera for 2 days.



We only have 12 guests on each week, and we have a professional photo shoot and head to the West End in a LIMO. We are not the cheapest, but feel we have a Summer School to rival many others.


Please email us if you require more info. nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com


Kind Regards


Nicola Moriarty

Woodside Dance Retreat

Edited by Nicola Moriarty
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