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Northern Ballet (Leeds) CAT


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For a number of reasons, I'm considering bringing my dc home from vocational school and returning to local classes instead. Northern Ballet's CAT programme might be appropriate but I can't find any info about which days/times classes are on and I have other children (and a job!) to consider. Does anyone have a dc who goes to this CAT and can give me the info that's missing from the website?




PS I'm sure there are threads about this but I'm drawing a blank on the search facility.

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Just note however that it is 100% of students making it to the end of the scheme at the end of Level 5 or 6. A lot get assessed out/drop out along the way for whatever reason. Most who make it to the end do get places in classical schools but some who are not considered classical are helped to get into upper contemporary schools or MT schools. A few Level 5/6 students on the CAT also attend classes with Phoenix Dance who very luckily share the same building as Northern Ballet.

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